Carbon Cleaning Service

Carbon Cleaning Service

FlashRemapping – BG Full Engine Clean & Oil Service

Our many years experience in the motor servicing industry have taught us that as well as regular servicing, keeping an engine’s internals clean is paramount to maintaining optimum performance and fuel efficiency.

Modern engines have benefited from improved fuel economy and increased power from using direct injection, the downside to direct injection is the build up of carbon deposits in the engine

There are now many companies and products on the market offering engine carbon cleaning, most of which are administered by the fuel system OR the engine’s air intake, rarely both. To effectively fully clean and engine it needs to be tackled from 3 angles- the air intake, the fuel system and the lubrication system.

After many months of research, MPG testing whilst trialing machines and products we have teamed up with BG Products to offer a full cleaning service. Our service as proven to exceed the quality of our competitors and consists of the following-

1) BG 109 Engine Performance Restoration is added to the engine oil.

2) BG 244 Fuel System Cleaner is added to the fuel tank.

3) Our induction system cleaning machine is connected to the engine’s air intake and BG ISC Induction System Cleaner is administered in pulses whilst the engine is run at a fast idle for around 45 minutes.

4) The engine is stopped, equipment is disconnected, the engine oil is drained and the oil filter is removed.

5) A new OE specification oil filter is fitted and the engine is refilled with correct specification premium quality engine oil.

6) BG MOA Superior Oil Fortifier is added to the oil.

7) The engine is run, checked for leaks, service interval reminder reset, final diagnostic check is carried out and the oil level is rechecked.

8) The customer then gets to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, quieter, smoother and more responsive & fuel efficient engine.

FlashRemapping highly recommend this oil service for the longevity of your vehicle, it is however preventative medicine if parts of your engine and/or its ancillaries are heavily coked up it may be necessary to remove a clean or replace those parts – it is after all chemicals and additives not spanners and screwdrivers


Vehicles up to 2 litres £249

Vehicles over 2 litres £299

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