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Fuel savings are most important to those who spend the greatest amount on fuel – HGV vehicles are not only low mpg vehicles but also in many cases cover huge mileage – 100 to 150 thousand miles per year is not uncommon in a HGV and while leaps and bounds have been made over recent years to the economy of these Trucks, 8mpg is still about the best that can be expected.

FlashRemapping are a Viezu “Platinum” approved dealer and have the ability to tune most HGV vehicles for improved performance and economy. Up to 20% improvements in performance are achievable and fuel savings of up to 15% can be achieved with remapping the vehicles ECU especially when combined with a little driver training.

So lets have a look at the potential savings –

A truck covering 100,000 miles per year at 7.5mpg uses 13,333 gallons of fuel – based on a price of £1.35 per litre this equates to a fuel cost of £81,700 per year. Even a 5% savings from the remapping means a saving of £4085 per year – quite incredible really. Savings of 10 or even 15% are actually quite often achieved so savings can be double or treble this figure. The remapping is still quite literally a software update to the ECU and does not require re-tuning at any point like Krypton tuning of old. So the fuel savings and performance will continue for as long as you keep the vehicle.

FlashRemapping offer a national mobile service for ECU remapping for trucks and HGVs with prices starting at £695 for a single truck and discounts for fleets. In most cases the remapping can be completed in less than 2 hours giving very little “down time”.

Bhp, Torque figures and potential fuel savings can be  found for the majority of trucks here.

If your Truck is not on the list please contact us with the details and we will get straight back to you.

If you would like to discuss further the possibilities of Fuel saving remapping for your HGV or fleet please contact us or call us on 0208 3013862.

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