Greener than a Green thing from Greenland

Greener than a Green thing from Greenland

Every day is a school day in the tuning world. We would never want to take a car into the Viezu HQ in Bromsgrove just to remap it, we also want to learn something every time. The 28th July was no different, we had a Citroen DS3 1.6 HDi 90 to remap, this one is the low fat, 99g version that attracts no road tax or London Congestion Charge – so is there much we can do to improve this “anti-retro” French hatchback? Well yes:-

As you can see from this dyno result with before and after runs, peak Bhp has improved from 86.2 to 107.5 at the wheels and 174.7 to 209.1 lb/ft of torque. Please note this was immediately after the remap and our experience tells us 8Bhp is still to come as the new file in the ECU adapts – this is after all a huge software file as far as remapping goes, it is 4MB of data. But what about the green credenditals this car already had – has this been compromised?

Absolutely not!  And here is the proof – using Bosch Emission equipment as used in your local MOT station you can see the before figure was 0.07% of the emissions was CO2 and after was only 0.04% !

So we have reduced the CO2 by roughly 43% – that means this 99g/km car now produces less than 57g/km – there is no car available you can buy with such low emissions !

This particular car has covered 14,000 miles – let’s say it goes on to cover another 100,000 miles in its lifetime saving 42g of CO2 per kilometer.

We have saved the world from 6.75 Tonnes of CO2 with this remap alone.