ECU Remaps

ECU Remaps

ECU Remaps by FlashRemapping

FlashRemapping are a Platinum level Viezu dealer – Viezu Technologies are one of if not the leading tuning company in the world

Viezu have 6 Platinum level dealers out of its worldwide network of over 400 dealers

Every single file we write to a vehicle is custom written by the team of file writers at Viezu Technologies

While we give BHP and Torque figures associated with our remapping this is a guide to the levels of tune that we can provide. This gives you an idea of what you can expect if you choose a Performance or “BlueOptimize” remap but that is not the end of the story. We can offer remaps for fleets that can include speed limiters, Rev limiters and Throttle limiters. This can have dramatic effects on the fuel efficiency of a fleet of vehicles and while fuel accounts generally for over 30% of a fleets costs this can make the difference to a company.

Performance remaps are produced to a safe level that will not effect the reliability of the vehicle. Remember all Viezu remaps are covered by £5m underwritten insurance with RSA and the software is produced to ISO9001 standards – there is no other tuner in the world that can make these claims!

All files are tried and tested at Viezu’s Bromsgrove technology centre on a rolling road before being released to the general public. Occasionally when a new car comes out or one that a new protocol has been developed for we may seek a trial vehicle to test. If this is similar to a vehicle already available this testing may only take 1 day but can take up to 3 days of development work before the remap is perfected.  Monitoring then takes place such as data logging Air/Fuel ratios and Exhaust Gas Temperatures It is then tested in real road conditions.

So when you choose a Viezu ECU Remap from FlashRemapping you can be sure the ECU remap is safe and will deliver the required results nothing is left to chance