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ECU Remapping, Chipping and Chip Tuning

FlashRemapping, May 2013

Vauxhall Combo 1.3CDTi ECU Remapping

Vauxhall Combo 1.3 cdti Remap

ECU Remapped 01/05/2013
Gain 10BHp 25Nm
This doesn’t look much of a record breaking car but it was for me – 5 hours it took to remap this one – initially reading under a similar ecu type the file was corrupt – then the computer crashed at the end of a 90 minute read and had to start again – grrrr – still at least this delivery driver will be happy with the fuel savings from this Blue Optimize remap – and it might have been raining

Vauxhall Vivaro CDTi ECU Remapping

Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 cdti 115BHP Remap

ECU Remapped 02/05/2013
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
I wouldn’t say these are underpowered but most will carry extra weight on a daily basis when driven by tradesmen so a strong tune will help performance and economy –

BMW X3 3.0 X-Drive ECU Remapping

BMW X3 X-DRIVE 3.0D Remap

ECU Remapped 02/05/2013
Gain 42BHp 110Nm
A very slow read of over 1 hour to extract the full data from the ecu but its worth the wait as this little soft roader is now very punchy and unless driven recklessly will give better mpg too

Ford Transit TDCi 85 ECU Remapping

Ford Transit mk7 tdci 85ps Remap

ECU Remapped 03/05/2013
gain 30 Bhp 60Nm
Only 20k miles on an 08 reg Transit – some kind of record – this builder also pulls a trailer so the 85BHp is just not going to do the job
115 is much more like it and better mpg too

VW Transporter t5.1 GP ECU Remapping

VW Transporter T5.1 GP 180Bhp Remap

ECU Remapped 03/05 2013
Gain 33Bhp 65Nm
This is a beautiful 4 motion Transporter with the most powerful engine and dsg gearbox – also a Kombi – I am seriously jealous – aim here to improve fuel economy but this also give more power as well – very nice – I will be after this T5 when the owner wants to sell it

Honda Civic 2.2 i-cdti ECU Remapping

Honda Civic 2.2 i-cdti Remap

ECU Remapped 06/05/2013
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
The 2.2 Litre Honda engine tunes very well – much better torque power and response from the Civics, Accords and CRVs etc all the the same engine and power a really worthwhile upgrade

VW Passat 1.9 TDI 130 ECU Remapping

VW Passat B5.5 1.9 TDi 130 PS Remap

ECU Remapped 07/05/2013
Gain 33BHp 70Nm
With a very strong mileage we wouldn’t want to give this car the full performance remap so went for a blend that pulls well and now comfortably drives around at lower speeds in longer gears giving better fuel economy – happy days

BMW D3 Alpina ECU Remapping

BMW D3 Alpina 2.0Twin Turbo Diesel Remap

ECU Remapped 08/05/2013
Gain 42BHp 85 Nm
We have worked on a few cars that I wouldn’t mind in my own garage – 635d, t5.1 180ps and now this alpina all this month
This Coupe version really stands out – nice bodykit and alpina extras just sets it apart with 204 bhp stock and 42 gained from the remap its pretty swift and pretty frugal too

Mini Cooper S JCW ECU Remapping

Mini Cooper S JCW Remap

ECU Remapped 10/05/2013
Gain 25BHp 50Nm
Already endowed with 211 BHp in stock form but there’s always a bit more to come
The extra throttle response and power make for a nicer drive and more get up and go

BMW 535D ECU Remapping

BMW 535D SE Auto Remap

ECU Remapped 10/05/2013
Gain 55BHp 130Nm
Loads of power from a very classy power train and now with even more – who needs petrol – dieselheads rule

Subaru WRX Hatchback ECU Remapping

Library Photo

Subaru Imprezza WRX Hunchback Remap

ECU Remapped 10/05/2013
Gain 30BHp 75Nm
There’s the bug-eye, hawk eye and I never know what to call the later Imprezzas so I have made an executive decision here at FlashRemapping we will now call them the Hunchback – Has to be programmed with ECU-TEK which incurs a licence fee – but the gains are worthwhile and while this is a strong stage 1 remap it opens the door to further upgrades later – no further licence has to be paid – ProDrive and Rallyart both use ECU-TEK as its such a reliable and safe tool

Citroen DS3 1.6 Thp ECU Remapping

Citroen DS3 1.6 Thp Remap

ECU Remapped 14/05/2013
Gain 50 BHp 71Nm
Another ds3 Thp remapped by FlashRemapping
This one had to have the ecu tuned on the bench being a2012 model with 1767 processor but no real problem – ecu comes out easily – connect up two boot pins a cnf – two lives an earth, can hi and can low wires and read away – about two hours to remap the french pocket rocket

Audi A4 1.9 TDi ECU Remapping

Audi A4 1.9 TDi 115Bhp Remap

ECU Remapped 20/05/2013
Gain 33 bhp 65NM
with a few miles under its belt we decided a blend remap would be best suited for this Audi so not to cause any undue stress on the turbo – nice improvement – it always amazes me how well German cars wear their miles tho – if this car had half of the mileage on the dash it would not have supprised me

BMW 123D ECU Remapping

BMW 123D 2008 Remap

ECU Remapped 21/05/2013
Gain 42BHp 85Nm
Already endowed with 204 BHp in stock form these 1 series BMWs are pretty swift but why not add another 42BHp and improve the fuel economy at the same time – seems like a no brainer

BMW 123D ECU Remap

BMW 123D Coupe Remap

ECU Remapped 21/05/2013
Gain 42BHp 85Nm
Second 123d of the day – this one being the coupe version but same great gains

Mercedes CLK 220CDi ECU Remapping

Mercedes clk 220 cdi Remap

ECU Remapped 21/05/2013
Gain 33 BHp 65Nm
Blend remap chosen here for improved fuel economy and a sharper response – makes a much better and more frugal drive

Audi TT 2.0 TFSi ECU Remapping

Audi TT 2.0 TFSi Remap

ECU Remapped 24/05/2013
Gain 50bhp 90Nm
Unbelievable difference on these 2.0 Tfsi engines – I know our website quotes 40bhp and 80Nm but Ive seen so many that give more and this one went really really well after the map – If you own a VAG 2.0 TFSi you obviously like a pokey car and a FlashRemapping Remap is a definite no brainer

Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI ECU Remapping

Ford Fiesta V11 1.6 TDCi Remap

ECU Remapped 25/05/2013
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
I love the new Fiesta especially the Zetec S as it looks so sporty – this one even had leather interior
I contemplated getting the Fiesta Sport van for myself – I drove one but the 90BHp was just a bit short – Now though I know how good they are when remapped its back on the wish list – It just makes it into the car it should be in the first place and easy 60mpg too    happy days

Mercedes e320cdi ECU Remapping

Mercedes e320 cdi auto Remap

ECU Remapped 27/05/2013
Blue Optimize Remap gain 28Bhp 55Nm
Having owned his previous e300d for 300k miles and 15 years Oliver was underwhelmed by the mpg on his new Merc but enjoyed the turbo charged performance – A blue Optimize remap will make this car sharper and a little more powerful but will also improve fuel economy by 10-15%

BMW 335i Auto Remap

BMW 335i Auto Remap

ECU Remapped 24/06/2013
Gain 78BHp 90Nm
The BMW 335i is a swift vehicle in stock form but with two turbos there is a lot more we can do – as usual its a slow read on the msd80 ecu but worth the wait for all that extra power

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