Massive contract under way by Viezu

Massive contract under way by Viezu

BT Fleet is currently remapping 24,000 of its light commercial vehicles to improve fuel consumption and reduce its CO2 output.

Every vehicle from small vans through to larger Transit chassis-cab vans are being tuned using an upgrade programme range from vehicle tuning and ECU remapping specialist Viezu Technologies.

BT Fleet hopes to achieve savings of around £3m as a result of the tuning solutions which limit throttle, revs, speed and power.

Steve Watson, Senior Innovation and Design Specialist for BT Fleet, believes that remapping the company’s current fleet for better economy and environmental performance “makes complete sense”.

He commented: “It’s not just these benefits which make it appealing. Once we saw what was technically possible, we crunched the numbers and the business case also stacked up.”

Technical partner Viezu Technologies has developed bespoke software files for each vehiclePaul Busby, CEO of Viezu Technologies, added: “Vehicle remapping offers fleets a host of opportunities and we’re being increasingly asked by companies like BT to help them achieve their own environmental and cost reduction targets.

“With an ISO certified process and a potential payback period of just three months, any technical risks are minimised and rewards can be felt almost instantaneously.”

More than 5,000 of BT Fleet’s vehicles have already been remapped and with the remainder expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Much testing was undertaken before this contract was awarded as you can imagine and Viezu were proven the best fuel saving remappers on this test – Why not see what can be saved by your fleet by contacting FlashRemapping today on 020 8301 3862 – FlashRemapping only use Viezu remapping software