Remaps from 9th May

Remaps from 9th May

FlashRemapping had a busy day of tuning today

First in was a Ford Focus ST 2.5 currently standard at 225Bhp. Jon wanted to make this sensible modification to give a little more power, well we don’t do things by halves and an ECU Remap on this fast Ford gave him 50Bhp gains and 100Nm of extra Torque. It is now a seriously quick car, Jon was going to leave the modifications at that but is now talking about a de-cat exhaust and a cold air induction kit – that should take him to 300 odd Bhp.

Next in was a 2008 Skoda Fabia 1.9TDI Sport 105Bhp – Matt had looked at a few tuning companies but decided on FlashRemapping due to the underwritten insurance as a Viezu Approved Dealer and cost being an issue had noticed we currently have a sale on. We gave him a strong blend tune adding 35Bhp and 70Nm of torque ( we can achieve 38Bhp and 75Nm gains from this vehicle). Matt text this morning read “Hi Dave, many thanks for transforming my car into smaller version of Bugatti Veyron 😉 So far I am really pleased with the results, especially with the better response. Don,t know about the economy as of yet but will probably have to drive the car for a fewdays or a week to see. Cheers Matt.” We are always pleased to hear feedback from customers.

Finally Earl wanted a removable tuning option for his Mercedes R320Cdi Auto. So in this case a Viezu V-box was fitted, not the easiest of installations as the common rail sensor plug sits on the back of the left had common rail so a bit of dis assembly was required before we could fit it. Earl will be able to adjust the box to suit his driving style and economy requirements, up to 60Bhp gains and up to 15% economy improvements are achieveable with the V-box. ( sorry this is a library picture as I forgot my camera )