The only way is Essex Remapping

The only way is Essex Remapping

From Ramsgate we went straight to Chingford Essex where Martin has bought this low mileage BMW 525d M Sport Auto when the opportunity came up but felt it was lacking a bit of power.

Simon was ready at head office to make the necessary adjustments to the file as soon as it was emailed in – in less than 1 hour this 3 litre ( although badged 525) turbo diesel BMW has been upgraded from the standard 193Bhp to 235Bhp and we have added a very noticeable 85Nm of torque. Martin’s son took it out for a quick test drive and along with the noticeable extra power he also commented on the smoother gear change and better throttle response – all part of the remapping process when you choose a Viezu approved dealer

We have also noticed something else in Essex that also needed a little tuning: