Viezu wins Queens award for Enterprise

Viezu wins Queens award for Enterprise

We are today, 21 April 2014 celebrating being named as winners of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – the UK’s highest accolade for business success.Only 160 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise have been announced this year for outstanding business achievement in the fields of International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development. The Awards are made annually by HM The Queen, and are only given for the highest levels of excellence demonstrated in each categoryViezu’ s Queen’s Award for Enterprise has been given in recognition of the Fuel Saving Tuning Solutions,  Carbon Emissions Reduction, Software Development and Training offered through The Viezu Technical Academy and Services to our Dealers and Customers.We received our Queens Enterprise Award for Innovation and we are the only vehicle tuning and software company in history to receive such a prestigious Award.The new Management Team and Staff here at Viezu are immensely proud of this fact and the changes we have made to the business to ensure its integrity and on-going success.  We have invested huge effort this year to really push the quality and research and development we carry out to the highest level, ensuring our services remain industry leading.

The 2014 Queens Award and Viezu’s ISO 9001 certified status recognises the Quality you can expect from Viezu.

Winners of The Queen’s Awards will attend a special reception at Buckingham Palace to meet HM The Queen.

(Don’t worry, we won’t ask HM The Queen to do a “selfie” with us!)

Vehicle tuning specialist Viezu Technologies has won a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, the highest accolade rewarding excellence in UK business, in recognition of the outstanding innovation it has shown with its fuel-saving and emissions-cutting software, BlueOptimize, which has saved more than 200,000 tons of carbon emissions since its creation in 2011.Developed in-house by Viezu over two years, BlueOptimize is the only vehicle tuning product focused solely on reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Viezu’s research and development has produced independently verified data showing that BlueOptimize can cut fuel use by 15 per cent and emissions by 20 per cent.Commenting on the Queen’s Award win, Viezu Technologies CEO Paul Busby says: “This accolade is a huge endorsement of what our team has achieved. Through exhaustive research, development and a focus on quality, BlueOptimize has become firmly established as the only choice for fleet and private users looking to reduce the financial and environmental impact of their motoring.”The cost saving and environmental benefits of BlueOptimize have attracted major fleet users including BT, which chose Viezu to remap its entire fleet of 24,000 light commercial vehicles. Thanks to the improved fuel efficiency of its vans BT is now saving £4million a year in diesel costs and estimates that the reduction in its carbon footprint is equivalent to taking 5,000 London cabs off the road.The efficiencies delivered by BlueOptimize are achieved by making changes to the electronic programs and settings controlling a vehicle’s engine and power. These can include limiting maximum engine and vehicle speed, restricting full throttle ability and capping peak torque.

ISO9001 registered Viezu has invested heavily in its own internal R&D facilities in order to develop first-class tuning products. At its Euro 5 certified Worcestershire technical centre it has a government approved, seven-gas-analysing emissions tester and an OEM-standard 3000bhp, four-wheel drive rolling road with smog testing capability and drive cycle programme. Viezu also commissioned and specified development of a bespoke fuel metering system for BlueOptimize, which monitors and provides accurate, real-world measurement of fuel use in any driving situation.

“The Queen’s Award has now also recognised BlueOptimize as a genuine innovation, which offers what we believe is a unique approach to efficient vehicle tuning that’s very different from the traditional image of performance-oriented remaps,” adds Busby.

BlueOptimize economy tuning services today account for 95 per cent of all Viezu’s tuning activity. Viezu is the largest provider of tuning software in Europe and has 500 dealers in 45 countries, as well as 65 dedicated UK fleet installation sites. Its products have been installed on more than 120,000 vehicles worldwide, saving in excess of 200,000 tons of carbon emissions.

Viezu is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered organisation with the British Standards Institute.