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Did you know that the engine in your car is deliberately restricted by the manufacturer for a number of reasons.

They have to make allowances for customers who do not service their cars at the recommended intervals.

They also set a level of power that will fit into certain insurance groupings, and CO2 emissions for tax bandings so they can sell into markets set by fleet buyers.

They have to make allowances for differing fuel qualities found outside the European Union where these models are also sold. Allowances also have to be made for extremes in air temperature and altitudes.

And lets be honest they need to create demand for specific models, take the MK6 Golf for instance, available from 75bhp right up to the “more desirable” 105bhp all from the same 1.6 TDi engine and certainly not available at the same price, just different remapping within the same ECU.

ECU Remapping has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years. Now most modern vehicles can be remapped through the OBD Diagnostics Port of your car (Flashing). Our technicians are equipped with state of the art TUV approved remapping equipment that makes this possible.

The “file” is a copy of the data held within the vehicle’s ECU, which using specialised remapping computer programs is turned into maps . The maps control the engine and its ancillaries to the millisecond. By fine tuning the details on these maps improvements on economy, bhp, torque, a smoother power curve and sharper throttle response are achieved.

The remapped file is then sent back to us to upload to the vehicle.

The whole process generally takes less than 2 hours to complete

Why FlashRemapping:

So when you come to have your car remapped please ask these questions of your chosen company:

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • Are you fully insured?
  • Where can I find you in 6 months time if something is wrong?
  • Do you use genuine equipment in license with the manufacturer?
  • Who writes your files?
  • Are your remapped file figures researched and tested using a rolling road?

ECU Remapping tools can be bought very cheaply nowadays as well as CDs containing many allegedly remapped files, the quality of these files is unknown!  The effect on your car is unknown!  Who will sort out the problems when it all goes wrong?

FlashRemapping are a Limited company – company number 7665105.

FlashRemapping  are experts in this field.

What economy gains can be expected:

Generally savings of 10 to 15% can be seen with an economy tune.

This does depend on driving style as well as the specific driving conditions. We have actually seen improvements as high as 22% but this is outside the normal.

What Power gains can be expected:

Normally aspirated engines also benefit although not quite as markedly.

A smoother power delivery and better throttle response are noticeable with all levels of tuning.

What vehicles can be remapped:

Most post 1999 vehicles can be remapped in this manner. Please see our Vehicle list page for a detailed car list as well as performance and economy figures.


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