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ECU Remapping, Chipping and Chip Tuning

FlashRemapping, February 2013

Mini Cooper ECU Remapping

Mini 1.6 Cooper Remap

ECU Remapped 02/02/2013
Gain 10BHP 18Nm
Not about the top end power here but torque through the rev range makes it a much nicer drive with improved throttle response

Mercedes C220cdi ECU Remapping

Mercedes c220cdi coupe Remap

ECU Remapped 05/02/2013
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
The 2148cc Mercedes engine is used in so many vehicles worldwide and so often in this 150bhp guise it has to be tuned to cope with a varying range of uses in stock form – this means we can add a large amount of performance and economy in the UK where we do not see the extremes of temperature, altitude and our fuel is always of good quality

Mercedes Sprinter DPF Removal

Mercedes Sprinter 311 Remap

ECU Remapped and DPF Delete 06/02/2013
Gain 35BHp 70Nm
This big sprinter has had a life with 170k on the clock
This customer had his local garage cut out the DPF and we were asked to come along and do the software side of things – No problem, while we wouldn’t want to go mad with the tuning we are happy to give this merc a blend tune along with the dpf delete – now pulls strongly through the gears and will be a boatload more economical

Citroen DS3 ECU Remapping

Citroen ds3 1.6Thp Remap

ECU Remapped 06/02/2013
Gain 50BHp 71Nm
Another in a long line of ds3 Thp,s we have remapped – why well we simply offer the very best tune for these vehicles – now quicker than the ds3 racing    -ding dong

Citroen DS3 ECU Remapping

Citroen DS3 1.6E-HDI Remap 90

ECU Remapped 07/02/2013
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
this vehicle is so green it is road tax free but does that mean you have to have less fun – not at all a remap puts this up to 120bhp and a gain of 60Nm of torque making it feel pretty lively and with no road tax and near 60mpg in the real world you can have your cake and eat it too

Ford Focus TDCi ECU remap and DPF Delete

Ford Focus CC 2.0 TDCi Remap

ECU Remapped and DPF Delete 11/02/2013
Gain 35BHp 70Nm
The Dpf has just been removed by the garage involved but the ecu needs telling that it has no DPF anymore – while we are there we might as well give it a tune – better Bhp better Throttle response , More torque and many more mpg  –   that’ll do nicely then

BMW 525D ECU Remapping

BMW 525D M Sport Remap

ECU Remapped 13/02/2013
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
This is the earlier version of the 525D which actually had a 2.5 litre engine – the later ones were 3 litre – his has 177BHp in stock form which is OK but not sparkling when mated to an auto box and a heavy body – 42BHp and 90Nm makes a massive difference and is now a pleasure to drive

Range Rover TDV8 ECU Remapping

Range Rover Vogue TDV8 3.6 Remap

ECU Remapped 14/02/2013
Gain 35BHp 75Nm – Blue Optimize Remap
Same thing here – better fuel consumption was the aim but again better throttle response and more power but should also lead to a 10-15% fuel saving

Land Rover Discovery ECU Remapping

Land Rover Discovery3 2.7 TDV6 Remap

ECU Remapped 14/02/2013
Gain 28BHp 54Nm – Blue Optimize Remap
The aim here is purely fuel savings – so we wrote a Blue optimize remap to the disco – still gets extra power and sharper throttle and fuel savings in the 10-15% range

Vauxhall Vectra CDTi ECU Remapping

Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 cdti 150BHp Remap

ECU Remapped 15/02/2013
Gain 40 Bhp 80Nm
This SRi must be one of the last as the Insignia took over with its 2.0 cdti engine – but these go very well and the remap makes an amazing difference – you would be a fool not to

Ford Cougar ECU Remapping

Ford Cougar 2.5 v6 Remap

ECU Remapped 15/02/2013
gain 20BHp 28Nm
We have remapped a few of these cougars but this one had different software so we have to make a setting file to find out where the maps are in the data which took a little longer than usual but no problem and a nice gain in power

Citroen C3 Picasso ECU Remapping

Citroen C3 Picasso 1.6 HDI 90 Remap

ECU Remapped 16/02/2013
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
Ian drives 40k miles per year and wants better fuel economy although a gain in performance would be very welcome – looking at his driving style – mainly motorways there is no reason to not give it a performance tune as the thermal efficiency of the combustion will be optimised and at cruising speeds the fuel savings with a performance remap will be equal to that of an economy tune

Chrysler 300c CRD ECU Remapping

Chrysler 300c 3.0 crd Remap

ECU Remapped 16/02/2013
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
Library photo – The baby Bentley has a Mercedes 3.0 diesel engine that is just ripe for tuning – we have remapped a number of these and the gains are fantastic- gives the performance to go with its brutish good looks

Mercedes e250Cdi ECU Remapping

Mercedes E250 Blue Efficiency Coupe Remap

ECU Remapped 18/02/2013
Gain 42BHp 85Nm
This customer had been looking for a e350cdi but this one answered all the questions but was only the 250cdi but we can add more power for him and it will also be more fuel efficient – The Delphi ecus are available to tune via the OBD port so 90 minutes and this was like a new car again

Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec ECU Remapping

Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Remap

ECU Remapped 19/02/2013
Gain 10BHp 15Nm
This is the second ford eec-v ecu that we didn’t have a driver for in a week – strange but no problem an extra 20 minutes to tune as we created a new driver – this basically means previous software versions have different files in different areas of the same ecu – still a better drive and improved throttle response make the wait worthwhile

Subaru Impreza WRX ECU Remapping

Suibaru Impreza WRX Remap

ECU Remapped Stage 2 20/02/2013
Gain 40BHp 75Nm
This car could be tuned harder than a stock WRX as it had a cold air induction Kit , 3inch decat exhaust and Forge BOV so gains are very strong – It had a slight misfire on 1 cylinder which we suspect is a dodgy spark plug or coil pack but this will soon be remedied and become a real fun drive

Mercedes c220Cdi w204 DPF Removal

Mercedes w204 c220cdi Blue Efficiency Remap

We are very pleased to announce we have successfully removed the DPF from the newer C Class Mercedes – We have not seen anyone offer this service before on this vehicle but we have managed it
Obviously we will be happier once the car has covered a few miles to confirm everything is absolutely perfect but initially test drive has thrown up no problems whatsoever
This service is available on all Mercedes diesels fitted with the Delphi DCM3.5 OR CRD 2.16 ECUs

Fiat Doblo DPF Removal

Fiat Doblo 1.9 Multijet Remap

ECU Remapped and DPF Removal 20/02/2013
Gain 20BHp 35Nm
the DPF was so blocked on this FIAT it wouldn’t even start – a previous garage had cleared fault codes so we needed to check the DPF was the problem initially – by disconnecting the exhaust pre DPF the car then started so we removed the dpf and remapped the ecu with a soft tune and DPF removal – to be on the safe side we also changed the contaminated oil and filter – all for £600 a good saving on the £1700 FIAT quoted for replacing the offending filter

This is part of the DPF filter removed from the Fiat Doblo

As you can see it is jammed solid with soot – The Dpf will not regenerate after a certain percentage of fullness due to the risk of fire as the exhaust needs to reach over 650degrees before regeneration takes place – No wonder this Fiat wouldn’t start though

VW GOLF GTi 1.8T ECU Remapping

VW Golf 1.8T 150Bhp Remap

ECU Remapped 23/02/2013
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
This was an X-reg and one of the first “drive by wire” golfs which is lucky as the throttle cable versions need a chip change to remap – this one can be tuned via the OBD port – No problems from the plugs, coil packs or diverter valve either and the car whizzed off down the road like a rocket – another happy customer

Renault Traffic ECU Remapping

Renault Traffic 1.9 DCi 115Bhp Remap

ECU Remapped 23/02/2013
Gain 28BHp 55Nm
Fuel economy was all important here so we went for a Blue Optimize remap – nice gains in power and throttle response but also a significant fuel saving – happy days

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