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BMW E46 318I 120Bhp
ECU Remapped 02/01/2012
Gain 18BHp 25Nm
First of 2012 is a very tidy BMW 318i
Not masive gains here but the drivability is vastly improved with sharper throttle and no lag between 1700-2100 rpm – Enjoy Aaron

Ford Focus 1.8Tdci 115Bhp
ECU Remapped 04/01/2011
Gain 25Bhp 55Nm
Peter has had this low milage Focus nearly a year and has had a tuning box fitted but its just not the same as a good remap – With the tuning box removed and the car professionally remapped it is now smoother and more progressive and will not have any long term downsides to the drivetrain

Mini Cooper S Supercharged 174Bhp
ECU Remapped 04/01/2011
Gain 10-12Bhp 18-20Nm
The R53 Supercharged Minis although not giving a massive number are certainly perked up with a remap,
Making the throttle a lot sharper – the power gain is right through the rev range too – so this is a much better modification than the figures suggest – Its about drivability – Its also the third car we have remapped for Nigel, we must be doing something right

VW Transporter T5 1.9 Tdi 102Bhp
ECU Remapped 06/01/2011
Gain 35Bhp 70Nm
Dont let the badge on the back of this transporter fool you its not the 174BHp version but its certainly in nice condition – trouble is with only 102 BHp it struggled up hills and needed a bit more – well thats what it got
Iniial test drive was very posative with much greater pull on inclines

Renault Traffic 1.9DCi 100BHp
ECU Remapped 06/01/2011
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
The 100BHp version of the Traffic just couldnt pull you out of bed in the morning – let alone shift all the plumbing gear in the back – I love the customers smile when he got back from the test drive – he just wanted to go back out and drive it some more – thankfully he will also see improvements in economy

BMW 320D M Sport 177Bhp
ECU Remapped 07/01/2011
Gain 40Bhp 80Nm
Having sold his “Midlife Crisis” Astra VXR 240 John has put his sensible head on and bought was is still a very nice car for speed in a 320d from BMW – He enjoys the diesel surge but asked his wife for a Christmas present of a remap – Needless to say he was delighted with the extra oopfh given by our remap – Just remember a remap is not just for Christams – it is a permanent upgrade for your car that will just keep giving


BMW 335D Auto

Yesterday we went to a BMW335D Auto E90

It had been remapped by another company – claiming to be a BMW tuning expert, but the customer was not happy with the remap

Now I could go through every change but that would take a long time but I will point out some problems with the remap that was on this car

You can see another torque limiter where they have reduced stock torque values very low down causing the car to struggle and judder when pulling away as the rest of the ecu is trying to deliver power to get the car moving but the torque limit is fighting against it by holding the car back. Similar to driving with the handbrake on a little bit at low rpm, the car will feel slightly heavier and more lethargic to pull away.

The coloured areas are the modified date the grey is the original comparative data.

 Here you can see how the fuelling maps have been changed incorrectly. Fuelling has been reduced in the mid range and from around 50% load to 100% load, which will cause the car to run a lot leaner and drop power considerably over stock values.

This car has now been remapped correctly and drives much better with no gearbox grumble
Please Please Please choose your ECU Remapping company with caution – FlashRemapping provide the very best ECU Remapping available today – do not think a remap is a remap, quality varies massively from company to company –


BMW E61 525D 177Bhp
ECU Remapped 13/01/2011
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
Lee wanted more poke but with an eye on economy so we went for a performance remap with just a shade taken off the top to give him the best of both worlds
The 2.5 Litre versions of these BMWs give excellent results in manual or automatic form

Range Rover 3.0 TD6
ECU Remapped to stock 13/01/2011
1 reconditioned engine, 2 new turbos inc. actuators, 6 new injectors, Bad smoking habit – Something is wrong
Mr K gave us a call – its quick but it keeps going wrong can you have a look at the ecu file for me – of course! well this is genuinely the worst remap I have ever seen
way way way too much boost, fuel everything no wonder it had been so unreliable – we have returned the car to stock just to make sure all is running ok with no smoke and will perform a decent remap on it in 1000 miles – now there is some really bad tuning going on – we have no idea who did this but they should be hung up by their short and curlies – and crazy as it seems with a stock map I was expecting Mr K to tell me it was a lot slower when he test drove it, but no he said it felt nearly the same – so all that extra fuel was really just going to waste ( £120 fill up doing 250 miles) lets see how he gets on now

Seat Leon FR 2.0TDi 170BHp 2010
ECU Remapped 21/01/2012
Blue Optimized
Gain 28Bhp 55Nm
Trikky one this as it had anti-tune so ecu out ( very sticky security bolts) and open the ecu on the bench to program directly to the chip
took 4 hours total which is slow as the security bolts were not playing the game ( I guess the tip is in the name ) but straightforward after that  and a nice difference to the drive once everything was back together better throttle response, more power, better fuel economy ( about 5mpg on initial results ) and lower emmissions
The red car has now gone green with BlueOptimize – very easy for the colourblind

2011 Audi A3 2.0 TDI 140Bhp
Tuning Box fitted 25/01/2012
Gain 30 bhp 60Nm
After May 2009 VAG diesel engined cars are fitted with software commonly known as “tuning protection” this means we cannot remap the ecu via the OBD2 plug
option is do we remove the ecu from the car and tune directly to the eeprom – a little more expensive or use a common rail diesel tuning box – in this case a company car the choice is use a tuning box – very easy to install, remove or adjust for power/economy the v-box is an excellent alternative to a remap

VW Golf 1.4 TSI 122Bhp
ECU Remapped 28/01/2012
Gain 30 BHp 60Nm
Fortunately for us and the customer this vehicle was a 59 reg so remapping can be done via the OBD2 plug
after march 2010 we would have needed to remove the ecu – initial reaction was aprox 1 sec off the 0-60 and very smooth progressive power – a very good upgrade of this VW Golf

Mercedes ML320CDi Auto
ECU Remapped 30/01/2011
Gain 40Bhp 110Nm
We have taken just a litte off a performance remap here (42Bhp 130Nm) as we wanted a decent turn of speed but also with an eye on Fuel economy
Initial feeling is the vehicle is a lot more responsive on the throttle – Chris will let us know how the fuel economy is improving in the coming weeks

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