May 2012 Blog

Ford Focus 2.0 145BHp
ECU Remapped 01/05/2012
Gain 17BHp 24Nm
Not enormous gains here but drivability greatly improved , Ironing out the flat spots, no fuelling changes but a few degrees of timing advance give the air/fuel mixture more time to complete the combustion giving more power and better economy

Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi 140Bhp
ECU Remapped 02/05/2012
Gain 35BHp 70Nm
This customer uses his Kia for towing a 26Ft caravan and while it can cope the fuel economy is shockingly low while towing – the answer is to give it a performance remap – might sound odd but the more power the less the engine has to work while towing and this improves fuel economy –

VW Golf 2.0 tdi 140
ECU Remapped 09/05/2012
Gain 40Bhp 80Nm
One of the most remapped vehicles here at FlashRemapping Towers basically because they are so tunable – very good gains in Bhp, Torque and mpg as well as better throttle response and smoother power delivery they really give the whole shooting match of gains

Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 cdti 115Bhp
ECU Remapped 11/05/2012
Gain 37BHp 75Nm
Performance was not quite what was expected from this customer and he was looking for both improved performance and economy – we can do that as we custom write every file – after waiting for the engien to cool below 50 deg all went well and the ciustomer very happy with the results

Citroen C4 2.0 VTS 177Bhp
ECU Remapped 11/05/2012
Gain 12BHp 18Nm
Smoother power delivery and better pick up are available on these VTS Citroens make them a nicer drive – although they do suffer from throttle lag – we have recommended the c…ustomer does a throttle body adaptation just in case this has become out of alignment ( This involves disconnecting the battery for 20+ minutes then reconnecting and starting the car without touching the throttle and letting it idle for 15 mins – this will reset the throttle bodies to factory standard )
BMW X3 2.0D 150Bhp
ECU Remapped 12/05/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
Not massively underpowered but BMW never upgraded the 2.0d engine when they did in the 3 series to 163Bhp only changing when it went to 177Bhp with the edc17 ecu. So there is plenty of scope for improvement here – The customer commented that the whole car felt as if it were lighter on the test drive revving freely throughout the rev range – should see decent fuel savings too
Ford Transit 75/350 2.0 tddi
ECU Remapped 15/05/2012
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
The open back Transit is a useful tool when you are a builder but with only 75BHp stock this couldn t pull the skin off a custard when empty let alone with a yard of sand in the back – good improvements here but certainly no ferrari
Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6
ECU Remapped 15/05/2012
Gain 38Bhp 95Nm
Some cars just shine and this was one of them. Lee has it professionally washed and waxed every week and it is in magnificent condition – He has been happy with the car but was just looking for the edge – we certainly can do that for all types of Range Rover and Lee was very happy on the test drive
VW Golf GTI 1.8T 180Bhp
ECU Remapped 16/05/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
I will give more details about what may happen when remapping a 1.8T engine in any form in the next picture – but surfice to say when done these vehicles are blisteringly quick and fun to drive
So the 1.8T available in many VAG vehicles is very tunable but as well as the remap it is very common you will need 4 of each of these – what are they – well spark plugs (ngk are ori parts and the best – iridium plugs are not good with a re…map as the spark is more easily blown out ) and coil packs, probably the most common spare part in the automotive industry – again ori parts are best
So why will you need these – well to gain the power you require if there is any wear in the ignition process it will be found out and cause a missfire
so always bargain on them needing changing when a 1.8T vag engine is remapped – cost aproximately £160 total – but boy will you be happy with the results – another weak component is the Diverter Valve ( commonly thought of as a dump valve but in this engine it is actually a diverter valve) but this is easy enough to check by detaching the bottom end and sticking a finger inside to test the resistance of the diaphragm – easy enogh to change though if its weak
Renault Clio 2   1.5DCI   82Bhp
ECU Remapped 17/05/2012
Gain 25BHp 55Nm
You dont have to own a Porsche or a Ferrari to benefit from a remap – These small Renaults are qite nippy being very light but when you have given up an Audi S4 you will miss the poke ( but apreciate the 60Mpg ability) A flashRemapping remap will give the car a nice pep up in performance
Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 JTD 150Bhp
ECU Remapped 18/05/2012
Gain 35Bhp 75Nm,
Owning an Alfa is something you have to do in life – but you dont have to have a petrol engined one just so you can get the tappets out on the bonnet dancing away – The …Fiat based 1.9 16V jtd is a fine engine and with 185Bhp and boatloads of torque after a remap makes a great driving machine – you can still get the lovely leather Lusso seats and wrap arouns dash that makes you feel special and good mpg too
BMW 335D Auto 286 Bhp
ECU Remapped 19/05/2012
Gain 55BHp 120Nm
These Twin turbo 3.0 litre BMWs are not slow in the first place but having recently had an Audi RS6 and a BMW335i Twin Turbo Adam wanted to get the best he could from the car – We have one of the very best tuning settings for these cars making them faster smoother and with better response
Land Rover Defender TD5
ECU Remapped 21/05/2012
Gain 35BHp 70Nm
Better fuel economy and a more sprighly drive here – These TD5 Land Rovers have the go-anywhere do-anything ability but need more power and improvements on the 25Mpg they usually achieve – exactly what we have given it
BMW 335i 2007 306Bhp
ECU Remapped 23/05/2012
Gain 78BHp 90Nm
Ok so a 335I is not a slow car to start with – but now its close to V8 M3 teritory – very slow job on these as the communication speed is dreadful and adaptation time for the car is slow ( 200 miles ) as well but the difference is incredible
Audi TT 1.8T 180Bhp
ECU Remapped 24/05/2012
Gain 40BHp 80-Nm
Nippy little cars and despite being 10 years old still look pretty fresh – this one had just 50k Miles on it and just an origional tape player – wow – performance certainly improved now though
Ford Transit MK7 2.2 TDCi 110Bhp
ECU Remapped 25/05/2012
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
Motorhomes are notoriously underpowered, all that GRP and beds kitchen etc etc add up to a whole bunch of weight – In adition to that the extended body area create massive drag on the vehicle making it lazy to drive – In this case we opt for a higher performance tune, it works in the way the more power the less hard the engine has to work and then once up to speed uses less fuel – sounds a bit odd I know but trust me it works easily 10% fuel savings but probably 15-20% achievable
Porsche Cayenne 4.5S 340Bhp
ECU Remapped 26/05/2012
Gain 28Bhp 42Nm
When you are a semi-pro footballer you want a car with a bit of Flash – the cayenne delivers here
When you are 6 foot 7 tall there are only so many cars that fit again the Porsche delivers
When it comes to making them more responsive and generally sharper to drive well FlashRemapping can deliver there – so much sharper even with the auto box
Enjoy – and lets hope to see this excellent centre half back at Welling United next season
Ford Transit Sport 2.4TDCi 140Bhp
ECU Remapped 26/05/2012
Gain 30Bhp 60Nm
Flooring specialist Peter has just bought this van as he travels all over the country – It is the most powerful in the Ford range but why not improve it further 30BHp delivers the extra punch and improved fuel economy will help reduce his travel expenses
Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 JTDm 150Bhp
ECU Remapped 27/05/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
We have remapped quite a few of these Alfas recently, both the 1.9 and 2.4 litre diesel engines
They are much improved with a remap and power gains are realy noticable as is fuel consumption
Mercedes e200 cdi w212 2010
ECU Remapped 28/05/2012
Gain 35BHp 75Nm
Library Photo – 136BHp is really not enough on these big Mercs and overtaking had become something not to bother with despite its mile-munching qualities – But now its a whole bunch better – despite some server problems at head office and a delay on recieving the upgraded software these mercs are quite starightforward to remap
BMW 525D Manual 2.5 Litre
ECU Remapped 28/05/2012
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
This BMW has plenty of presence with black alloys tinted windows and a black grill but needed the extra power, Not that the owner is a fast driver but it was just feeling like it was restricted – Its certainly got a bit more zing now
BMW 525D Auto 3.0 auto
ECU Remapped 28/05/2012
This is a later BMW 57 reg in fact and BMW have changed the engine from a 2.5 litre to a 3 litre
Apologies to the owner as our server problems meant we didnt finish till 9 pm but I think it was worth it – again the owner is not a particualy fast driver but apreciated the smoothness of the power delivery after the remap and will benefit from the extra mpg on his 100 miles per day commutue

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