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ECU Remapping, Chipping and Chip Tuning
FlashRemapping, March 2016

Ford Transit 100PS Remap

Ford Transit 2.2 100ps remap

ECU Remapped 01/03/2016
Gain 45BHp 95Nm
All the new transits ( 2012 onwards) have identical 2.2 litre engines and Siemens ecus that the only difference is the software. So you can tune the 100 BHp version to a tuned 155 BHp version if you so wish. In this case we gave the van a real decent kick of power but with a nod to fuel economy too – So so so much better than it was originally

Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 CDTi Remap and EGR Delete

Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 CDTi Remap

ECU Remapped and EGR Delete 01/03/2016
Gain 38Bhp 75Nm
We have remapped so many of these TVP vehicles – this was a 59 reg which means Bosch edc16 ecu – obd read a write – – they go well and save 3-5 mpg on fuel too – You would be crazy not to consider remapping your TVP

Mercedes Sprinter Remap

Mercedes Sprinter 311 Remap

ECU Remapped 04/03/2016
Gain 28Bhp 55Nm
A nice soft map for this leggy sprinter that is used as a delivery truck for its hardware store owner – Not a pretty as his VW Caddy we remapped last year ( let me know when its for sale Kev) but a great workhorse – now with improved mpg and pulling power

VW TRansporter T5.1 Remap

VW Transporter t5.1 Remap

ECU Remapped 04/03/2016
Gain 40BHp 85Nm
Nice gains from the transporter that was already the 102 BHp version – we can go more on these but the 5 speed gearbox isnt happy with slabs of torque too low down so you end up with peak torque up around the 3000 rpm area so we tend not to go that hard when its just a works van as the 40 BHp gains are really nice – they drive as VW intended them to but with more of it

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CDTi Remap

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CDTi Remap

ECU Remapped 05/03/2016
Gain 38 BHp 75NM
This was not the usual Zafira we remap which has been a minicab for the last 5 years and has quater of a million miles on the clock – this was a 68k miles one in very nice condition – great gains from the remap and fuel savings too

VW Touran 2.0 Tdi Remap

VW Touran 2.0 Tdi Remap

ECU Remapped 05/03/2016
Gain 40 Bhp 80Nm
Nice gains from the 2008 VW which stil uses the Bosch edc16 ecu This means we can remap via the obd plug and the job is complete in around 1 hour total
The car is completely different to drive – not sluggish anymore and improved mpg too

Ford Transit 2,4 Remap

Ford Transit 90/350 Remap

ECU Remapped 07/03/2016
Gain 25/30 BHp 55/60NM
The old transit – so many of them still going strong and this one no different still got a job to do recovering broken down vehicles for e-works in East London – It has had a facelift with a mk7 front but its just not got enough power – remapping these is easy enough fueling and torque limiters – thats it – there is no boost control in the ecu so we are relying in the turbo being in good enough condition to match the extra fuel with extra air but all good and the van is now more powerful and ready to collect your broken down vehicle for repairs around east London

Audi A3 2.0 TDi 140 Remap

Audi A3 8P 2.0 TDi Remap

ECU Remapped 08/03/2016
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
Early start this morning as we went up to St Neots to remap this Audi A3 2.0 Tdi but we dont mind and we know the results will be brilliant on teh 2.0 TdI pd engined Audi – Bosch edc16 ecu that we can read map and write in under an hour – this little beauty will spin its wheels at the drop of a hat

Vauxhall Zafira Remap

Vauxhall Zafira Remap

ECU Remapped 10/03/2016
gain 38BHp 75Nm
Another day another Zafira – this one again an Auto with sensible 60 odd k miles that responds very well to a remap – nearly forgot to take a pik but got it as it was about to drive away

Ford Focus 1.8TDCi Remap

Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi Remap

ECU Remapped 11/03/2016
Gain 35BHp 65Nm
115BHp in stock form is OKish but if you are a keen driver it is going to leave you feeling like you got the ice pole while everyone else is eating cornettos – Fortunately 40 minutes of twiddling with our computer get the 1.8 Tdci Ford going a whole lot better

Mercedes s320cdi remap

Mercedes S320 CDi Remap

ECU Remapped 11/03/2016
Gain 40BHp 90NM
this was a 52 Reg Mercedes s320cdi which was a facelift version with the wide screen sat nav, air suspension the lot, Of course it had a few miles on it but 3 litres of mercedes 6 cylinder engines are built to do the miles – so what would you give for this luxury barge – £1200 our old friend Frazer paid for it – now that is crazy – Of course after a bit of a drive around to check for engine troubles in he came to get it tweeked – 8 pm on a friday evening but then thats the way Frazer rolls

hONDA cr-V 2.2 I-CTDI Remap

Honda CR-V 2.2 i-ctdi Remap

ECU Remapped 12/03/2016
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
Early start today after a 9pm finish last night but a nice straightforward job on the 2.2 i-cdti engine common in Honda vehicles – Fast read and write times and we know the maps on these give really nice power and smooth out the flat spots nicely – Under an hour and the first remap of the day is on his way , now bacon roll or fried egg roll

Audi S3 Remap

Audi S3 2,0 Tfsi Remap

ECU Remapped 15/03/2016
Gain 40 Bhp 85Nm
This was a late 2007/ early 2008 car and when I took a look at the immaculate interior I wasn’t surprised to see 47K on the clock but on closer inspection the owner had gone all European on us and it was in fact just 47k KM – now that is a really low mileage S3. Remapping this takes about an hour and the gains make a quick car extremely quick – throttle response is sharper and all round nicer to drive

Mercedes Vito 109 Remap

Mercedes Vito 109 Remap

ECU Remapped 15/03/2016
Gain 38BHP 75Nm
mike decided if the S3 was going to get a boost a 95Bhp Vito would just not work for him – No problem big gains from the 2148cc Mercedes Engine. More power , better throttle response and improved fuel economy – the three benefits of remapping.

BMW E60 530D Remap

BMW E60 530D Remap

ECU Remapped 15/03/2016
Gain 35Bhp 75Nm
Just a blend remap on this BMW as we are aiming for better fuel economy along with the extra bit of power. With 218Bhp in stock form it should now be right on the 250Bhp mark. Amazing how these cars still look pretty good at 10 years old

Porsche Cayenne 4.5 v8 Remap

Porsche Cayenne 4.5 V8 Remap

ECU Remapped 16/03/2016
Gain 28BHp 42Nm
The number plate on this Cayenne had a great little line under the reg number ” Never mind the environment, Save the V8″ couldn’t have put it better myself – never owned a V8 well man yourself up and go and buy one now – thats an order – 1.0 ecoboosts are all well and good but nothing sounds like a v8 and when you have got one make the most of it by remapping it – better response and more power, brilliant – oh and fuel economy ah well that wasn’t good to start with and wont be much better once remapped either

LandRover Discovery TD5 Remap

Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 Remap

ECU Remapped 16/03/2016
Gain 35BHp 70Nm
There is something wonderfully agricultural about a td5 Discovery -Yes there were massive improvements made when the Disco 3 came out but what it gained in refinement it lost in the feel of go anywhere, pull anything, ruggedness and the wash me once a year if you fancy it ness – They only came with 138Bhp so could always do with a bit more and teh map gives it enough to make it acceptable on the road even with a slush box

Audi R8 V10 Remap

Audi R8 V10 Remap2

Audi R8 v10 5.2 Remap

ECUs Remapped 17/03/2016

Gain 28Bhp 42Nm

Two ECUs in the Audi R8 and these later ones are best tuned on the bench – They are identical Bosch ME9 Ecus so simple BDM on each ECU – This car was also fitted with an Akrapovic exhaust and once all bolted back together and started the noise is just amazing

Audi TT 2.0 TFSi Remap

Audi TT 2.0 TFSi Remap

ECU Remapped 18.03/2016
Gain 50BHp 90Nm
Massive gains from the Audi TT, The 2.0 Tfsi engine is used in most VAG aplications and is very very tunable – usually with a med9 ecu so reading and writing is a little slow at 15-20 minutes each but the gains are so worth it. Manual or DSG either respond well to the FlashRemapping treatment


BMW 530D Remap

ECU Remapped 18/03/2016
Gain 42BHp 90nm
Another 530d – we still keep finding these that have not been tuned which is quite amazing considering how well they do go when they have been remapped – they go from 231 BHp to 273 and more torque than a torquey thing from TorqueLand

Audi A3 2.0 TFSi Remap

Audi A3 2.0 TFSi Remap

ECU Remapped 19/03/2016
Gain 50Bhp 90NM
this late 2005 Audi only had 36k miles on it – absolutely stunning condition – After having a 1.8T previously that had been remapped tuning this new car was always on the cards. The way a tuned car drives is so much better than stock its keen and now with close on 250BHp it gets down the road very nicely indeed

Audi A4 2.0 TDi Cabriolet Remap

Audi A4 2.0 Tdi Remap

Ecu Remapped 22/03/2016
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
Even though this was a 2008 vehicle it still had the edc16 ecu – this is because the cabriolet version sill used the previous A4 version underpinnings – Means therE is no chance of tuning protection and can be remapped via the OBD port – under an hour to transform the Audi from mediocre to marvelous

Mercedes w212 e250Cdi Remap

Mercedes w212 E250cdi Remap

ECU Remapped 31/03/2016
Gain 37Bhp 75Nm
For those of us who have driven lots of cars over the years you can tell a Merc immediately because of the way it drives especially throttle response is very latent – the pedal itself needs quite a push to get it to move at all and quite a lot of travel before anything happens – this translates to the car not feeling sporty at all – Fortunately the clever crackers of German code who used to reside at Bletchley now work in remapping and have found the maps in the ecu data that control this – In Damos technical German the map is called “Global Torque Request Map” but we know it as “Drivers Wish” tweeking this map makes the throttle feel markedly more responsive and far better to drive – Apart from the extra 37BHp and 75Nm of extra power our remap delivers and improved fuel economy too

bmw e60 520d m sport Remap

BMW E60 520D M Sport Remap

ECU Remapped 31/03/2016
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
Now after the Auto Mercedes earlier here is a car that drives more like you would want it to – with 177Bhp in stock form its not a slouch but with 217Bhp its just lovely and with excellent fuel economy too. No wonder the saying goes if you want a car to be driven in choose a Mercedes, If you want a car to drive choose the BMW

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