December 2017 Blog

ECU Remapping, Chipping and Chip Tuning
FlashRemapping, December 2017

Mitsubishi L200 Remap 

Mitsubishi l200 Remap

Ecu remapped 03/12/2017.
Gain 40Bhp 75Nm.
Always nice gains from the mitsubishi pick up and simple Remap to perform via the obd port

Audi A6 3.0 Tdi Remap

Audi a6 3.0tdi Remap

Ecu remapped 03/12/2017.
Gain 50Bhp 100Nm.
The 3 litre v6 Audi has massive gains. This was the 233 bhp version with bosch edc16 ecu that can also be tuned via the obd port with fantastic results

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 1.4T Remap

Vauxhall zafira tourer 1.4T Remap

Ecu remapped 05/12/2017.
Gain 30bhp 60nm.
This latest version of the zafira uses a delco ecu that is common to many Vauxhall models, all tuned obd in just over an hour it is now much better to drive with a livelier throttle and improved mpg too.

Vauxhall Astra J 1.7 CDTi Remap

Vauxhall astra j 1.7cdti Remap

Ecu remapped 08l/12/2017.
Gain 37 bhp 75nm.
This astra j is listed as having a delco ecu but actually had a denso ecu as in the astra h. Not a problem though and we had the car remapped via the obd plug in about an hour, which is handy as it was rather cold today.

Seat Leon Curpa 1.8T Remap

Seat Leon Cupra Remap

Ecu remapped 09/12/2017.
Gain 40bhp 80nm.
The 180bhp Leon is a pretty quick car a day one that we see many of that have been previously tuned. This 2002 model had 1 owner from new and only 58k miles so we knew it was stock and gains would be good. It’s now super sharp to drive.

BMW E60 530D Remap

BMW 530d e60 Remap

ECU Remapped 22/12/2017.
Gain 35bhp 75nm.
Just a blend Remap on this 530d from 3005 but that will give all round improved performance as well as nicely improved fuel economy

Audi A5 2.7tdI rEMAP

Audi A5 2.7tdi Remap

Ecu remapped 13/12/2017.
Gain 50bhp 100nm.
Another v6 diesel this time in an audi A5 2.7tdi benefiting from the flashremapping treatment. Now much more powerful and better on fuel too if driven sensibly.

Mercedes SL500 Remap

Mercedes sl500 r230 Remap

Ecu remapped 15/12/2017.
Gain 22bhp 40nm.
What a lovely car 2003 but less than 50k miles. Turning adds that little sparkle and improved throttle response. All completed in under an hour at the customers home for convenience

BMW E90 320D Remap

BMW 320d e90 Remap

Ecu remapped 19/12/2017.
Gain 40bhp 80nm.
This e90 3 series is 10 years old now with just over 80k miles which is well below most 320ds it was one of the first edc16 with can us communications but no antitune software so remapped via the obd port in an hour. Great gains so in power and fuel economy

Honda Civic 2.2 I-CDTI Remap

Honda civic 2.2 I cdti Remap

Ecu remapped 27/12/2017.
Gain 38bhp 85nm.
One of our favourite cars to Remap as the gains in performance are just so good. It also uses a simple bosch edc16 ecu so can be tuned via the obd port in under an hour.

BMW 520D E60 Remap

BMW e60 520d Remap

Ecu remapped 28/12/2017
Gain 30bhp 60nm.
Just a gentle map for this BMW as the aim was to improve fuel economy. We can achieve more power but this level of tune give some extra power but better mpg.

Astra H VXR Remap

Vauxhall astra h vxr Remap

Ecu remapped 29/12/2017
Gain 40 bhp 75nm.
We see some strange things people do to their cars and this one was very strange the sporty vxr astra with a 2 litre 240 ps engine fitted with a lpg conversion but being this was switchable and ran its own ecu it doesn’t effect remapping the bosch me7 ecu. It’s now a very sporty car with even more understeer.