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ECU Remapping, Chipping and Chip Tuning
FlashRemapping, January 2018

Audi S3 2.0 TFSi Remap

Audi s3 2.0 tfsi 301 bhp Remap.

Ecu remapped 02/01/2018.
Gain 50bhp 90nm.
I am old, its official nearly 50 and the game of big bhp has changed so far, although there were quick cars with small engines we had sayings like there s no replacement for displacement. No substitute for CCs. Well these hot hatches now prove that is all wrong. 300 bhp stock and 350 bhp mapped from a 2 litre engine its quick and I mean properly quick. We love the sounds of a Mercedes c63 amg but the ability of the s3 or Golf R make them so desirable.

Mercedes Sprinter Remap

ECU Remapped 03/01/2018
Gain 38Bhp 75Nm
This was a 59 reg sprinter and one of the first fitted with a Delphi ecu rather than the Bosch EDC units that had been used before. Still tunable via the diagnostic port in just over an hour and the difference is massive on the road – more pull and better fuel economy too

Jaguar X-Type 2.0d Remap

Jaguar x type 2.0 Remap

Ecu remapped 04/01/2018.
Gain 30bhp 60nm.
The car that got me into remapping when I bought one in 2005 and was disappointed had it mapped and was so impressed I bought the company as Victor Kiam once said. This was only meant to be a stop gap car but has grown on the owner and is now a keeper well better make it as good as possible with a Remap.

VW Transporter T6 2.0 102 Remap

Vw transporter t6 Remap

Ecu remapped 0501/2018.
Gain 40 bhp 80nm.
This was the 2.0 102bhp version euro 6 with a blue which means it has the newer delphi ecu still tunable without ecu removal as long as we have a software match which we did. In just an hour the van is transformed and the repeat customer happily on his way.
Most vans are very tunable for increases in power and improved fuel

BMW 120D Remapping

BMW 120d Remap

Ecu remapped 11/01/2018.
Gain 40bhp 80nm.
Another 120d in for a Remap today and the same great gains, a returning customer who previously had an e46 330d remapped so he knows our files are top quality. This was a 58 reg so always a chance it had had a software update making it antitune and then we would have to tune on the bench but this one was straight down the obd port meaning it’s tuned in around an hour

Audi A4 b8 2.0 tdi Remap

Audi A4 2.0tdi Remap

Ecu remapped 12/01/2018.
Gain 40bhp 80nm.
We are always happy to meet those lovely people at the Rnli who do such a great job rescuing those in trouble at sea. It’s a great service and totally funded by donations. We offer 10% discount to all service personnel including rnli workers. The Audi was a 2008 and remapped via obd in under an hour and the test drive revealed a very happy customer.

Skoda Octavia VRS TFSi Remap

Skoda Octavia vrs 2.0 tfsi Remap

Ecu remapped 12/01/2018.
Gain 50bhp 90nm.
These tfsi vag group vehicles tune so well more power everywhere in the rev range and better throttle response. A nice job to finish the week and a great chat with Matt who is an ex mechanic so swapping some stories.

Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 TDi Remap

Audi a6 3.0tdi all road Remap

Ecu remapped 13/01/2018.
Gain 50 bhp 100nm.
Great gains from the big audi, this car will now tow the owners caravan with ease and be more fun to drive every day with better throttle response, more power and better fuel economy.

VW Golf 7 R Remap

VW Golf R Remap

Ecu remapped 20/01/2018.
Gain 60bhp 90nm.
Have you been in a golf R yet?, still think the old 1.8t engined golf was a quick car?. These golf R and similarly engined s3s are the dogs dangly bits, this 2015 starts with 296bhp and 380nm of torque standard. We promised Richard a difference. 60bhp 90nm even surprised him how good it is now.

Mercedes e350cdi Remap

Mercedes E350 cdi Remap

Ecu remapped 24/01/2018.
Gain 45bhp 100nm.
What a good looking car these E207 Mercedes convertibles are and probably quite a safe investment. This one was disappointing the owner in both throttle response and fuel economy. The Remap addresses both of these issues.

Audi S3 8P Remap

Audi S3 2.0 tfsi Remap

Ecu remapped 27/01/2018.
Gain 60bhp 120nm.
This 62 reg S3 is the last of the 8p Audis. Its 2.0 tfsi engine produces 265 bhp in stock format using a Bosch me9 ecu. We can add a fantastic 60Bhp and 120Nm of torque from the Remap alone with no other parts needing changing. It was a fast car now even better.