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The Very Latest in Economy Tuning

Save fuel and money with FlashRemapping’s BlueOptimize™ economy tuning services, available for most production cars, 4×4’s, motorhomes and vans.

The ever increasing prices of petrol and diesel is affecting everyone and with fuel prices set to rise further, vehicle owners, from one car families to fleet operators, are looking for ways to reduce this burden. Car manufacturers are offering a stream of new ultra-economical models, from VW’s BlueMotion to Mercedes Blue Efficiency – it seems blue has become the new green.

Is bearing the cost of a new car the only solution?

A FlashRemapping BlueOptimize™  economy tune delivers an improvement in mpg which, dependent on your driving style, can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% – at the same time, reducing your carbon footprint, CO2 emissions, Smoke and HydroCarbon production. 

Our technical department have developed this specific ECU mapping which, alongside reductions in fuel costs, provides an improved, sharper throttle response, improvements in bhp and torque and a smoother power delivery.
A common misconception is that you can’t improve the power of a vehicle and improve its economy but with years of research and development, we can and regularly do – FlashRemapping have worked with many fleet operators, private businesses and individuals to improve the mpg of their vehicles. To this end, we have recently been endorsed by motoring guru Quentin Willson for our fuel saving products.

•     Improved, low down torque
•     Smoother power delivery
•     Sharpened throttle response
•     Reduced turbo lag
•     Widened power band


•     Improved MPG and a noticeable stronger feel in the drive of your vehicle

BlueOptimize™ is the latest and absolute pinnacle of environmentally aware tuning – We monitor all effects of tuning to make sure we are tuning without detriment to the environment. In recent tests on Diesel vehicles ( which are metered by the Opacity Smoke test at MOT time ) we have seen the following results post tuning


As you can see these are fantastic results in lowering emissions – especially when you realise the Citroen DS3 tested was already the 99g low emission vehicle to start with, the owner has also reported fuel savings of 5-6 mpg.

But what about Petrol vehicles can we reduce emissions there as well ? Here vehicles are tested for CO2 emissions at idle and fast idle and also for HydroCarbon emissions – Here are the test results as performed on a Ferrari 458 – Although not tested at fast idle before remapping


Again very impressive results with HC emissions reduced by a massive 85%

So BLUE realy is the new GREEN – Get your BLUENESS turned on by FlashRemapping with BlueOptimize™

All FlashRemapping products and ECU remapping software and services, come with a full money-back guarantee and have fully underwritten insurance, so experience the benefits of engine tuning with complete confidence. Call or email us for further information or if your vehicle doesn’t appear on the list – CONTACT US

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