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ECU Remapping, Chipping and Chip Tuning

 FlashRemapping, November 2012


BMW 530D E39 184Bhp
ECU Remapped 02/11/2012
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
Even with quite a few miles on the clock these big Bimmers are good cars and this one felt a lot stronger after its software upgrade . The pre 2000 cars are not fitted with OBD2 port but have a plug under the bonnet which can still access the cars ecu data meaning BMWs car be remapped back to early 1997

Peugeot 607 HDi ECU Remapping

Peugeot 607 2.0 hdi 136BHp
ECU Remapped 02/12/2012
Gain 35Bhp 70Nm
The 607 was never a big seller due to the considerable depreciation they suffer but as a used car they do make pretty good sense – the 2.0 Hdi is seriously underpowered though for such a big barge – much better now though
Interestingly we had to resort to some older kit to remap this one – still good to blow the cobwebs off it

VW T5 Transporter ECU Remapping

VW Transporter T5 2.5 Tdi 174 Bhp
ECU Remapped 03/11/2012
Gain 38Bhp 85Nm
Better fuel economy better throttle response smoother power all available with a remap on a T5 Transporter
Not only did we remap it we also coded in the cruise control the owner had added by way of a new stalk

BMW E46 330D ECU Remapping

BMW E46 330D
ECU Remapped 03/11/2012
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
The big diesel BMW engines will go on and on we have seen them with mega miles and this one still goes very well and now even better with a remap

BMW E90 335D ECU remapping

BMW 335D 276Bhp Auto
ECU Remapped 03/11/2012
Gain 55BHp 120Nm
This car had been remapped before and there had been some errors in the mapping with only 1 boost limiter changed and a massive 15% increase in fuelling – We have altered the map now to our own specification and the power is now much more progressive pulling stronger high in the rev range and the mapping is now a lot safer

Audi A4 2.0 TDi 170BHp ECU Remapping

Audi A4 2.0 Tdi 170Bhp
ECU Remapped 03/11/2012
Gain 33BHp 70Nm
The 170 Bhp Audi cannot be tuned too far that’s why we don’t go mad with them – in fact many versions have had an injector recall – this one is certainly more powerful and responsive after a remap

Mini Cooper D 110BHp ECU Remapping

Mini Cooper D 1.6   110BHp
ECU Remapped 03/11/2012
Gain 25BHp 50Nm
In a small car a modest power gain gives very nice results especially with better throttle response

BMW E46 330CD ECU Remapping

BMW 330CD Coupe 204Bhp
ECU Remapped 03/11/2012
GAIN 42bhp 90nm
Another big engined diesel BMW  that responded very well to remapping this is the M Sport coupe version

Hyundai Sante Fe ECU Remapping

Hyundai Sante Fe 2.2 CRDI
ECU Remapped 07/11/2012
Blue Optimize remap gain 28BHp 55Nm
Fuel economy was the aim here for the driver who has most of his time in London so the Blue Optimize award winning tuning option was chosen – fuel savings up to 15% are achievable with this software

Audi TT 1.8T 225Bhp ECU Remapping

Audi TT 1.8T 225Bhp Quattro
ECU Remapped 07/11/2012
Gain 40 Bhp 80Nm
The Audi TT 225 Quattro is an already pretty rapid and stable car but when you have owned one for 5 years like this customer he was itching for a change but still loved the shape and drive – well we can give him a new car without him buying a new car with extra zing – we quite often see ignition problems with these vehicles such as coil packs and plugs, also diverter valve or turbo boost solenoid but these had been replaced in the last year so no issues and a great result
Mercedes S63 AMG ECU Remapping
Mercedes S63 AMG
ECU Remapped 08/11/2012
Gain peak 25BHp 35Nm
The big and powerful (518Bhp originally) Merc is a lovely machine and a gain of 25BHp sounds pretty tepid but you have to drive this to see what a difference this makes to the drive – Its pretty awesome if you have a healthy car budget
Audi S8 5.2 V10 ECU Remapping
Audi S8 5.2 V10
ECU Remapped 08/11/2012
Gain 25BHp 40Nm
Another big engined German miles muncher – this one has two ECUs a master and slave both of which have to be programmed so its about 2 and a half hour job but the throttle response alone makes this worthwhile – we have to enjoy these big engined cars now while we still can it will all be 1.0 litre cars very soon
Mercedes S320CDi ECUU Remapping and DPF Delete
Mercedes s320cdi 2007
ECU Remapped and DPF Delete 08/11/2012
Gain 50 BHp 100+Nm
I know what your thinking why does Dave have a  edc16+ on the bench tuning when we can easily do this tune down the plug ?
Well that is because the car is in Brunei and its a bit of a nuisance to drive it to me to remap it – No problem we can do this work on the bench and send the ECU back same day
Ford Mondeo Tdci ECU Remapping
Ford Mondeo 2.0 Tdci 130Bhp
ECU Remapped 09/11/2012
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
Steve is on his 5th Mondeo so Ford must be doing something right – But he was looking for a bit better performance and economy – No problem for us and in just about an hour we have made is car a whole lot better
Vauxhall Vivaro ECU Remapping
Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 cdti 115Bhp
ECU Remapped 09/11/2012
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
Dissapointed with bothe fuel economy and performance from his Vivaro Martin asked for our help – we were only too happy to assist in both fields
We have massive experience remapping Vivaros as we are currently tuning all BT vehicles – so this was no trouble
VW Bora ECU Remapping
VW Bora 1.9Tdi 130BHp
ECU Remapped 09/11/2012
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
Gareth is a regular at FlashRemapping and his most recent ride has just got the FlashRemapping treatment
Now occasionally we see one of these 130PD VWs that just seem to go very well and then even better than average after a remap and this was one of them – my guess is this is a lot stronger than the advertised figures
SAAB 9-3 2.0 Turbo ECU Remapping
SAAB 9-3 2.0 Turbo
ECU Remapped 10/11/0212
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
The Saab 9-3 convertible is a handsome looking car but especially in 2.0 turbo auto form quite thirsty – I know I have owned one and when my daughter bought one recently we opted for the 1.9 CDTi
A remap will not only improve performance considerably it will also get the best fuel consumption if driven moderately even with a performance map
Audi A4 2.0 Tfsi ECU Remapping
Audi A4 2.0 Tfsi 197
ECU Remapped 10/11/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
The Tfsi engine is a good one and very tunable – we quote 40BHp 80Nm but in many applications the gains are even greater from the same map changes
We have seen over 50bhp on some on the dyno making it a very swift vehicle
VW Touareg 3.0TDi ECU Remapping
VW Touareg 3.0 v6 TDi 225Bhp
ECU Remapped 11/11/2012
Gain 40BHp 90Nm
With an eye on economy this big and Heavy VW will benefit from a strongish remap – the initial test drive was excellent with much sharper throttle response and instant acceleration
Subaru Impreza WRX ECU Remapping
Subaru Impreza WRX 218Bhp
ECU Remapped 12/11/2012
Gain 30BHp peak 55Nm ( 45bhp 80Nm through rev range)
The Impreza is a swift vehicle but if you are at the wrong revs in the wrong gear they give very little – Our aim with a remap is to widen the power band to give more usable power in a wider area and we succeed very nicely
Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 ECU Remapping
Range Rover 4.4 TDV8
ECU Remapped 12/11/2012
Gain 50BHp 110Nm
A big improvement from the 3.6 the 4.4 Rangie is a little trickier to tune but we have done so many now we have it down to about 2 hours – giving a massive boost of power and much better throttle response
Hyundai I30 CRDi ECU Remapping
Hyundai i30 2.0 CRDi 140
ECU Remapped 12/11/2012
Gain 35bhp 70Nm
Many would overlook the Hyundai but it is actually a decent enough car with decent power but we are not interested in decent power when we can unleash more – now 175bhp this is a rapid and frugal ride and much safer remap than the smoke box that was previously fitted
MINI Cooper S ECU Remapping
Mini Cooper S R57
ECU Remapped 14/11/2012
Gain 25BHp 55Nm
This was a rare car being an Automatic Cooper S but the gains are the same as on a manual version albeit that the slush box grabs more of the power than a manual would do – Nice results though from what was already quite a sprightly vehicle
VW Touran ECU remapping and DPF removal
VW Touran 1.9 tdi Bluemotion
ECU Remapped and DPF Removal 15/11/2012
Gain 35Bhp 70Nm
Another VW Touran with around the 100k miles being used as a taxi and again a blocked DPF. Don’t pay main dealer prices for a replacement DPF we can remove it, recode the ecu so the DPF function is disabled and give it a tune for less than half the price – More economical faster and better throttle response – Happy Days
BMW E93 325I ECU Remapping
BMW E93 325i 3.0
ECU Remapped 16/11/2012
Gain 17BHp 30Nm
Low miles and a nice strong colour and that amazing folding roof – A very nice car but a bit lazy low down – much improved with a FlashRemapping remap now with much better throttle response and power between 1700-2100 where there was very little before
Mercedes E270 CDi ECU Remapping
Mercedes E270Cdi Auto
ECU Remapped 19/11/2012
Gain 40BHp 100Nm
Paul is no stranger to remapping and this is the third or fourth car he has remapped and this time he chose flashremapping – big gains especially in torque will be a big difference
Range Rover TD6 ECU Remapping
Range Rover TD6 3.0
ECU Remapped 20/11/2012
Gain 40 BHp 120Nm
Paul called us to have a look at his Rangie but suspected there had been some meddling before – we found a rival tuners map on the car – well when I say a map its a “lash up” no alterations to boost no alterations at torque limiters – in fact the only change was to the fuel injection map( pulse width) and this is the alterations made only from 80% load at 1800 rpm, they have increased fueling till 50% at 100% load at 5000rpm  – The rangie now has our performance remap on it and early indications are very positive
Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTi ECU Remapping
Vauxhall Astra 1.7 cdti 100
ECU Remapped 20/11/2012
Gain 28BHp 55Nm
This customer wanted fuel economy so we have installed our award winning Blue Optimize remap
Despite this improving economy by around 10-15% he will also get 28BHp and 55Nm gains – Who says you cant have your cake and eat it
Audi A4 2.0 TFSi ECU Remapping
Audi A4 2.0 TFSi 197
ECU Remapped 20/11/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
An engine that is fitted in many VAG vehicles such as the Golf GTi so we have had a lot of practice tuning these and boy do they go well – we quote 40bhp but in many applications we have seen gains in excess of 50BHp making them very swift indeed
Range Rover Sport 4.4 ECU Remapping
Range Rover Sport 4.4
ECU Remapped 20/11/2012
Gain 25BHp 40Nm
Nigel has had a number of cars remapped by us and is fed up of me posting photos in the dark as we always meet him after work – he will be emailing me one soon until then this is a library photo – Bit of an oddity tho his new motor we would have expected to see a Bosch ecu but it had a desno like the 4.2 supercharged – no problem tho, bit of checking and we were sure all would be ok and it certainly was – much sharper
Fiat Ducatto Motorhome ECU Remapping
Fiat Ducatto Motorhome 2.8
ECU Remapped 21/11/2012
Gain 38BHp 90Nm
Two of the things that effect performance and economy are weight and aerodynamics – now can you see the problem here – despite being the 2.8 rather than smaller engine the heavy GRP body and large face area is hindering the drive – the way forward is a performance map – more power helps it accelerate faster and get to cruising speed the torque helps it pull the weight up hills all adding up to decent fuel savings
Mercedes Sprinter ECU Remapping
Mercedes Sprinter 311
ECU Remapped 22/11/2012
Gain 38BHp 75Nm and derestricted
Mark has grand plans to turn his Mercedes Sprinter into a campervan and its certainly big enough but by the time he has added all the extras the weight will be holding him back and the speed limiter that stops at 70mph but then slows u down to 63 is very annoying – no problem for us and Mark was very happy on his test drive
Honda Accord i-cdti ECU Remapping
Honda Accord 2.2 i-cdti
ECU Remapped 22/11/2012
Gain 38Bhp 75Nm
The honda diesels are a bit unsung heros in the diesel world – we usually look at the germans when searching for a turbo diesel car but these Hondas are very good cars and strong engines that can take a lot of tuning
Audi A6 3.0 TDi ECU Remapping
Audi A6 3.0 TDI V6
ECU Remapped 22/11/2012
Gain 50BHp 110Nm
I hate the winter cos it gets dark too early and its difficult to take a good picture – These Audis are so tunable its crazy, not that they are slow in the first place but as my Irish mate always tells me ” Its better to be looking at it than looking for it ” How true
BMW E90 320D ECU Remapping
BMW 320D E90
ECU Remapped 23/11/2012
Gain 54BHp 90Nm
Amazing results on this early e90 , originally with 163bhp now endowed with a massive 217BHp and it goes so well – surely this is a must have upgrade for your e90 BMW
BMW 530I E60 ECU Remapping
BMW 530I 258Bhp
ECU Remapped 24/11/2012
Gain 25BHp 35Nm
You would be excused for thinking this looks like a M5 with its exhausts and rear bumper but its a 530i with a slightly oddball msv70 ecu ( usually found in the 630i ) but no difference for us to remap nice gains here all through the rev range
BMW 320D E46 ECU Remapping
BMW 320D E46
ECU Remapped 26/11/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
Another BMW and another car we have found to have been previously tuned – not terribly this time but with one of the main 2 torque limiters unchanged and injection pulse width only increased after 3000rpm and 80% load we felt our remap would improve things especially for town driving – We had a little hiccup on the write as the file went through the previous but useless “no read” function set by the previous tuner but was fine second time and the customer much happier with the low down response and improved throttle response
BMW E61 525D ECU Remapping
BMW E61 525D 177Bhp
ECU Remapped 28/11/2012
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
Most of these BMWs have spaceship mileage so it was nice to see one with a more reasonable 78k miles
Nicely Leathered up this car has still got a huge amount of life in it – and now with e FlashRemapping Remap it will be a lot more enjoyable to drive and with better fuel economy

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