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ECU Remapping, Chipping and Chip Tuning
FlashRemapping, December 2016

Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTI 95 Remap

Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi 95 Remap

ECU Remapped 04/12/2016
Gain 20Bhp 38Nm
Small vans are great for courrier work around the capitol and the nipper the better – The Sportive Corsa van has 95Bhp from its 1.3 litre engine but more is available – Being a 2012 It is fitted with a tuning protected Bosch EDC17 ecu and this one was the CP59 version which is not a greta sight to tuners as 8 connections are required on the pcb board – here at FlashRemapping we make the pogo pins that most UK tuners use for connection and even ones with the required resistors in place to make life as easy as possible.Its a 3 hour job all in but teh gains are worthwhile as is teh extra fuel economy

VW Golf edition 30 Remap

VW Golf MK5 2.0 TFSi Edition 30 Remap

ECU Remapped 09/12/2016
Gain 70Bhp 95Nm
For those who know they know – for those who dont here is your moment of learning for the day – The edition 30 MK5 Golf is a fantastic car with 230PS 227Bhp stock from its 2.0 TFSi engine – It is not an upgraded GTi it is a downgraded S3 engine and that is great news a simple remap will add monster power – Its now 300BHp and 290odd lb/ft of torque – in teh ever popular Golf body – Its Fun with a capitol F. Its also the reason they still fetch good money

BMW E92 335i Remap

BMW E92 335i Remap

ECU Remapped 10/12/2016
Gain 50Bhp 70Nm
Pete had that conundrum we have heard so often – he only uses his car at weekends and loves it – does everything required of it but he has owned it 4 years and thats usually time for a change – having a look round for the equivalent thing 4 or 5 years newer meant spending a lot more money for a car with more miles as this was a 47k mile beauty – well we have the answer – give the car a new feel with a remap – an extra 50Bhp with smoother yet more responsive power delivery – It is now lightening quick – we always felt the 3 litre twin turbo was downtuned deliberately by BMW so not to compete with their own M3. Its now the car it should always have been and Pete is happy for a few more years


VW Golf ECU Cloning

Brian gave us a call on Saturday – his 2005 Golf 1.6 had broken down and was due to the ecu – VW quote £1100 for a new ecu – wowzer thats going to hurt 2 weeks before Christmas – so we suggested cloning one – Bosch ecus are generally the easiest to clone – find a second hand one and match the 0281 or 0261 numbers – then read a full back up of the origional ecu and write it to the new ( second hand one ) Bobs your uncle

last week we cloned a Bosch ME9.5.10 for a vw Golf 1.6 fsi that had died – the owners regular mechanic and VW themselves diagnosed it needed a new ecu – the latter quoting him £1100 to replace – On an 05 plate vehicle that is a kick in the nuts for sure.
The customer had bought a similar ecu and brought them to us to clone – no problem – but when refitting to the car the symptoms were the same – car churning but no start – we were called and the only thing was to take a look
Yesterday we went out to the car – diagnostically no comms with the engine ecu yet all other modules fine – checking fuses to the ecu everything looked good so we pulled the back from the ecu plug and started testing – The ecu requires a permanent live and an ignition live ( pins 92 and 87 on the ecu plug ) so back probing the plug was required pin 87 was fine giving 12v with ignition on but pin 87 the permanent live only 1.8v ignition off and 1.4v ignition on – this is the problem and despite checking what we could could not see the exact problem ( bad connection ). The ecu uses these lives to wake up the ecu via a relay when the car is started.
Now the fix isnt exactly ideal but will work within the time restraints and costs for the customer – taking a 12v directly from the battery via a waterproof fuse holder ( 10 amp fuse) we ran a new permanent live to the ecu pin 87 and reinstalled the back of the plug – Now starts first time – Cleared the fault codes regarding loss of comms to ecu and driven to remove steering angle sensor fault that comes up when battery goes flat
Feeling rather chuffed that for 3 hours labour costs and £15 in halfords we have resolved the problems
A big thanks to Karl Weaver of Bull Lane Garge in Faversham for looking up the ecu pin out for us while we were on site

Audi a4 2.0 tdi 170 remap

Audi A4 Remap

Audi A4 2.0 TDi 170PS Remap

ECU Remapped 23/12/2016
Gain 35BHp 75Nm
a 2007 Audi in for its remap and this was teh Siemens ecud 170 BHp version – A straight forward OBD Remap and the first outing for our new Blue Point battery stabilizer – We are always looking for ways to improve and having a 100 amp stabilizer is a great addition keeping the voltage in teh car at exactly 13.5 volts throughout the read and write process makes things safer. It may be ££££ to but but if it means 1 ecu a year doesnt have to be removed to recover on the bench its a good addition – the extra long leads are also very handy

Porsche 996 Carrera 4 Remap

Porsche 996 Carrera 4 3.6 Remap

ECU Remapped 28/12/2016
Gain 20BHp 28Nm
Dust off your convertibles spring is just around the corner now Christmas is over. Or scrape off the ice cos anything with 4wd might be useful in the next month – either way driving a Porsche is a good experience and remapping most is a simple OBD job taking about an hour – 20BHp isnt massive gains but it also brings the usable power lower in eth rev range so the car pulls stronger and harder from lower revs and throttle response is also improved

BMW E90 335D Remap

BMW E90 335D Remap

ECU Remapped 28/12/2016
Gain 55BHp 130Nm
A good 335d or 535d in an e90 or e60 is still a superb car. although this one is now over 7 years old it is in excellent condition with sensible ( under 100k) miles – there are quite a few really leggy ones around but take the time to find a good one and it will still have plenty of life in it – now we need some warmer weather and no ice to enjoy the 340bhp and 700+ Nm of torque

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