Customers Cars

Customers Cars


Range Rover Sport TDV8 – ECU Remapping

James owns what is a fantastic vehicle – a Range Rover TDV8.
263 BHP as standard moves the 2.8 tonnes along easily but this mighty 4×4 has plenty more to give.
A very fast read and write process means we can add 65BHP and 150Nm of torque in less than an hour at your door.
James was delighted with the results – it certainly pulls like a train – thankfully it is also fitted with Brembo brakes as standard that help the stopping to match the going.

Mercedes C220 CDI Coupe – Ecu Remap

It seems to own a silver mercedes coupe you must be called Nigel

This is the c-class coupe with the 2.2 cdi diesel engine

150BHP is increased by 38 BHP and 75Nm of torque

Impressive response is achieved throughout the rev range and a decent improvement in mpg

Mercedes CLK 220CDI – ECU Remapping

Nigel owns a pin sharp low milage Mercedes that is a credit to its previous and current owners – and was by his own admittance a little nervous about having his car remapped.

Already blessed with 150BHP we wrote a performance tune for the CLK adding 38 BHP and 75Nm of torque.

We talked Nigel through the whole process and helped alleviate any anxiety he felt. He was certainly impressed on the test drive – faster pick up and more response throughout the rev range.

Hope you enjoy Nigel


Mercedes A180 CDI Auto – ECU Remapping

Ian has owned his Mercedes from new and had had it remapped previously but felt it wasnt quite right.

He asked the initial company to return the car to standard and brought it to FlashRemapping.

We wrote a performance tune adding 32BHP and 60Nm of torque to the original 109 BHP.

It certainly drives a lot better now and will provide many more years of happy motoring for Ian.


Skoda Octavia 2 2.0TDI 140BHP – ECU Remap

I won’t name and shame but in this case I am sorely tempted to do so. Bob, a retired gentleman, had his Skoda remapped by a company that now look like they have disappeared, claiming they had upped the power to 170BHP but he hadn’t felt much difference.

No surprise that when we looked at the maps on this car he had only gained extra boost from 3000 rpm(on a DSG Auto?), an increase in fuelling of 0.143% and a smog limiter map that was all over the place. Our estimate – Zero bhp gain. An hour later we have fitted a K&N panel air filter and remapped the Octavia to 183 BHP.

Much Better – Please beware there are some real cowboys out there.


BMW 335i Convertible – ECU Remapping

Steve has a lovely BMW 335i convertible but was wondering how close we could make it to a M3 in performance.

Already boasting 306 BHP Simon got to work to add 46 BHP and 70Nm of Torque leaving it only 63 Ponies behind the mighty 4.0 V8 M3

Being a Siemens MSD80 ECU adaptation is a little slower than usual but Steve is now enjoying the extra power from the twin turbo


SAAB 9-3 1.9 Tid – ECU Remapping

Jay had bought the 120 BHP version of SAABs 1.9 Tid engine which is a little underpowered especially as he does some long distance driving from Luton to Kent a few times a week. He did not however want to loose any economy the turbo diesel was giving him.

The perfect answer is a Blend tune inbetween performance and economy which will give him the best of both worlds.

It was certainly a lot more spritely on the test drive – waiting to hear how the economy is improving


Porsche 911 (996) Carrera 4 – ECU Remapping

I dont like to brag but we know our Porsches be it a 911, 996, 997, Boxster, GT2, GT3, Cayenne, Cayman, Turbo or Normally aspirated. This Carrera 4 belonging to Chris was no exception. We added 23 BHP and 35Nm but that doesnt really give the whole story – perhaps Chris best tells it after a few days with the new map:-

“I have not done too many miles as yet but the difference is fantastic the car is so much more driveable and the power more usable, getting a bit more pace on is much less frantic and smoother with the wide power band. Excellent modification.”


BMW 123d M Sport – ECU Remap

Steve has owned some lovely cars in the past including a Porsche 997 Turbo and even though this is a lovely car to most of us this is admittedly a bit of a stop gap for him.

Being a late 2009 BMW it would have a tuning protected ECU and while we can remap this by removing the Ecu and BDM tuning we chose to fit a Diesel Tuning Box – Simple to install and remove and adjustable for performance and economy they give excellent results for Turbo Diesel Vehicles.

Extra performance and Torque noticable immediately


VW T5 Transporter 2.5TDI 174 – ECU Remap

Steve’s work van is a VW T5 Transporter and as you can imagine he wouldn’t have been happy with anything less than the 174 BHP version but it doesn’t stop there. Admittedly taking a little longer than usual (well it was a Sunday) Jason wrote a performance remap for the VeeDub giving him an extra 40BHP and 85Nm of Torque

Look out for Steve looming large in your rear view mirror – he has probably got a urgent flooring assignment to attend to


Land Rover Defender TD5 ECU Remap

Sean has owned a few Defenders and enjoys the utilitarian like styling which I have to say is very refreshing even though it still has some luxuries such as electric windows, heated seats and air con.

Unfortunately though it was underpowered at 122 Bhp and Sean asked if we could improve this.

An hour later and with Mandy’s excellent file writing skills this Landy has nearly 160Bhp and has gained 70 Nm of torque – a much better drive altogether …


VW Touareg 2.5 TDI ECU Remap

Lisa has owned a few faster cars like Golf GTIs but enjoys the abilities of the VW Touareg and occasionally tows a horsebox. It had a flat spot around 2000rpm and was a little slow off the mark.

With this information Jason set about a writing a blend edging towards performance tune which should also improve economy in the bulky VW.

Lisa immediately noticed the extra 38 Bhp and 90 Nm of torque and commented on how the flat spot had totally disappeared.


BMW 318D – ECU Remap

Chris had recently purchased this 2007 BMW 318D but felt it a little underpowered with only 122 BHP (BMW upgraded this engine to 143 BHP later in 2007) and phoned to enquire about remapping it.

Fitted with the same 2 litre engine as the 320d Simon got straight to work endowing the car with an extra 35 BHP and 70Nm of torque putting it right in line with 320d of the same age.

Chris noticed the power gains straight away pulling strongly through the gears.


Vauxhall / Opel Corsa VXR Arctic ECU remapping

Vauhall’s popular Corsa VXR is already endowed with 190 bhp but the Arctic version boasts a Remus exhaust and some slight ECU changes along with its white paintwork and black alloys making this a 204 bhp stock hot hatch.

Craig ( another 1 handicap golfer – I must practice more ) was looking for a bit extra and Simon wrote a performance tune to compliment the decat pipe just about to be added – Gains 35bhp and 60Nm.

Suprisingly grip from the front rubber still felt good and controllable.


Audi A4 2.5 TDI 180BHP Quatro ECU Remapping

Andrew had just bought this Audi A4 but noticed a flat area around 2000rpm especially annoying when towing.

We looked at the files on the ECU and found that it had previously been remapped and that too much fuel was being injected around this range causing partial shut down.

With our new file on the car it pulls strongly with no flat area in this rev range – we are also expecting a decent improvement in mpg.


BMW 323Ci E46 ECU Remapping

Chris has owned many newer cars but couldn’t resist this near perfect BMW.

Unfortunately it seemed to lack immediate acceleration from around 1700-2100 rpm.

Fortunately Jason knows BMWs like the back of his hand and knew the way to write the file to cure this as well as giving an extra 12 bhp and 15 Nm to the top end.

Chris was immediately impressed and the car now pulls strongly right from the off.


Fiat Punto 1.4 TJET ECU Remap

Luke wanted a little more go from his punto especially after his brother had his car mapped first and has a K&N cone air filter fitted.

Like Josh we have added 30 bhp and 60 Nm of torque – unfortunately we could do nothing about the colour.

In case you are interested after reading about Josh’s golfing abilities Luke is a complete hacker and plays off the lofty handicap of 1 – I’m not going to play these two for money!


Fiat Punto 1.4 TJET ECU Remap

Josh has been enjoying his Fiat Punto but a young man is always looking for that edge and has fitted a straight through exhaust and a K&N air filter which is beneficial to this car.

FlashRemapping remapped the car giving an extra 30 bhp and 60Nm of torque – I think you can see how happy he was with the results. Sibling rivalry being what it is Luke his brother had his TJET remapped the next day.

As a plus2 handicap golfer Josh will not get any more 2 shot penalties for being late on the tee.


Fiat Ducatto 2.3 MJET /Hymer ECU Remapping

Its not just cars that benefit from remapping – this Fiat Ducatto based Hymer motorhome struggled a bit on long motorway inclines.

We wrote a performance tune file for this Hymer as this is best for unaerodynamic vehicles giving an extra 37 BHP and 81 Nm of torque.

Hope you enjoy your French holiday …


Audi Q7 3.6 FSI ECU Remap

Vehicles that are turbo-charged are not the only ones that gain from a remap. This Audi Q7 FSI benefitted from an extra 25Bhp and 35Nm of torque but that doesn’t tell the whole tale. The mighty Audi is now as smooth and silky as Barry White’s dulcet tones thanks to Jason’s file writing skills.

Hope you are enjoying Mark.

And yes I know my attempt at artistic photography hasn’t quite worked but with an imposing grill like that I had to try.


Mercedes Vito 108CDI ECU Remapping

Bob has just bought this traveliner to transport kids around with their musical instruments but with only 82 bhp it was really struggling uphill when fully laden.

Although Bob was looking for improved economy as well as power the fact that the vehicle is struggling to provide enough power we felt a performance tune would be more beneficial as the extra bhp would ease the strain on the engine.

Immediately Bob noticed the improved 70 Nm of torque combined with 38 extra bhp, the kids will no longer be late for recital.


Citroen Picasso 2.0 HDI ECU Remapping

Ian a retired gentleman who is incredibly active bought a Citroen Picasso 2.0 hdi 90 bhp but found it struggled to pull his 2 berth swift caravan, so contacted FlashRemapping to give a little extra torque.

We wrote a very impressive file for this car giving an extra 30 bhp and 70 Nm of torque.

The vehicle now pulls from 24 mpg in 4th gear uphill to Ian’s house and I’m sure this will benefit the towing abilities once Ian gets his caravan out of winter storage.


Skoda Octavia 1.8T VRS 180bhp ECU Remapping

Dave drives a van all week and wanted something for the weekend.

Having found a lovely Skoda VRS with only 48,000 miles he was looking for little extra ooph.

We wrote a performance tune for this car increasing the bhp by 40 and adding 75 Nm of torque.

The car now pulls strongly and smoothly throughout the rev range and in all gears.


Mercedes ML 350 CDI Blue Efficiency ECU Remapping

FlashRemapping are always happy to work with reputable garages so when we recieved a call from Mateen at GSF Motorworks in Wandsworth a Good Garage Scheme member we were happy to help.

We remapped their mercedes ML with a performance tune remap increasing bhp by 42 and adding 130 Nm of torque with a beautiful smooth power delivery.


Gareth’s Citroen DS3 ECU Remapping from 150bhp to c190bhp

“After having my DS3 remapped the car no longer feels restricted. It performs willingly and smoothly all the way through the rev range with a strong punch after 3000 rpm. I now feel I am getting my monies worth out of my car. My fuel economy has not been effected either, motorway cruising or around town pottering. Thanks to everyone at FlashRemapping for a wonderful and ongoing exciting experience.”


2007 Fiat Punto 1.2 65 BHP

Some modifications have been previously performed on this Punto – de-cat, 4 branch manifold, lowered, 1mm high lift cam, lightened balanced flywheel and forged pistons – making 87 BHP.

FlashRemapping then set about writing a mod file for this using our vast experience – 1 hour later …

107 BHP – WOW from a 1.2


Land Rover Discovery3 TDV6 ECU Remapp

FlashRemapping performed a max tune remap on this automatic TDV6 on 17th May boosting power by 36 bhp and torque by a massive 85Nm.

The first test drive was impressive with a vast reduction in the suicide acceleration (put your foot down from standstill and get a second of nothing happening) and a nice smooth power curve.

“The Land Rover is now doing an average 28mpg compared with 23/24 before but the power is unbelievable.” – Paul


VW Transporter T5 1.9 TDI 84 bhp DPF ECU Remap

Paul wanted a little extra go from his transporter but also extra mpg.

We set about writing a mid range tune for this vehicle adding aproximately 30 bhp and 60 Nm.

Immediately noticeable by Paul although possibly not as much excitement as his kite surfing.

“Thanks for the remap on the T5, I cannot believe the difference in the economy and performance – great job !” – Paul


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