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FlashRemapping, May 2015

Jaguar XJ 2.7D Remap

Jaguar XJ 2.7D Remap

ECU Remapped 01/05/2015
Gain 45BHp 100Nm
I love these big Jags and this is one of the last of what I call the classic shaped ones being a 58 plate – The later ones are like a new revelation and shape change from Jaguar – The 2.7 litre diesel engine can achieve some massive gains from remapping which turns it from a sedate cruiser to something a whole lot brisker and with extra economy too

Land Rover Discovery 3 Remap

Land Rover Discovery 3 2.7tdv6 Remap

ECU Remapped 01/05/2015
Gain 38Bhp 85Nm
I have a penchant for a Land Rover Defender at the moment but boy do they fetch some money second hand – The Discovery however is much more luxurious and all round better value
This TDV6 2.7 Litre is a strong contender but 188BHp just doesn’t cut the mustard with its weighty design and breeze block aerodynamics – still in 20 minutes flat I had this tuned up nicely 226Bhp is a much more realistic sort of output for the big 4WD

BMW 525D Remap

BMW 525D Remap

ECU Remapped 01/05/2015
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
For those who read our posts regularly or know about Bimmers this 57 plate 525d is actually a 3 litre engine, unlike the 2005-2007 version which was 2.5 litre – and will tune very well achieving an extra 42BHp and 90Nm of torque taking it from 197bhp to 239
Now that isn’t bad in a saloon car and unless the owner start driving like Lewis Hamilton he will also see improved fuel economy – Thats a great result

BMW E46 330i Remap

BMW 330i E46 Remap

ECU Remapped 02/05/2015 in Rochester
Gain 22BHp 30Nm
Bit of old skool tuning here for this 2002 BMW – havent done one for a while but these 6 cylinder petrol BMs were a fantastic engine with its Vanos system and apart from the fuel economy still measure up today – A nice gain from the remap too much improved throttle response and they really wake up above 4000 rpm

Mercedes CLK 220 CDi Remap

Mercedes CLK 220 CDi Remap

ECU Remapped 05/05/2015
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
The 2009 CLK is oner of the last coupes that was based on the c class – now the coupe is an E class based vehicle but that doesnt make it a bad thing the 2148cc Mercedes engine is used in so many vehicles from Sprinters to MLs and they can ALL be tuned via the OBD port which is very handy – An hours work is all it takes to add 38BHp and 75Nm to this cool coupe

Ford Transit Motorhome Remap

Ford Transit 2.2 TDCi 140PS Motorhome Remap

ECU Remapped 05/05/2015
Gain 30Bhp 60Nm
Aerodynamics are the biggest problem with motorhomes – you want the space inside but that is at the cost of performance and fuel economy as the front gets very ugly and boxy – This one had a much nicer roofline than usual but we still opted for a performance level tune which will not just help the power but will improve fuel economy too

Vauxhall Insignia Remap

Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 cdti Remap

ECU Remapped 06/05/2015
Gain 35BHp 70Nm
A 2010 Insignia diesel means bench tune for the edc17c19 ecu but its so simple to remove the ecu and tune on the bench – if only it was quicker to code the file to write back it would be only an hours work – but even so its a great improvement on the car power and response massively improved and a few extra mpg too

BMW 123D E81 Remap

BMW E81 123D Remap

ECU Remapped 06/05/2015
Gain 42BHp 85Nm
Its been a while since I have seen a 123d and this just reminded me how well they go, 204bhp standard and a cheeky extra 42bhp from a remap in a small car with a 400Nm stock now up to 485Nm
thats nice, Now factor in mid 40’s mpg and even more if you can control your right foot and you have a great car

Aston Martin DB9 Remap

Aston Martin DB9 Remap

ECU Remapped 09/05/2015 in Doormansland
Gain 20BHp 25Nm
Something for the weekend sir – that will do nicely a beautiful 2006 5.9 litre Aston Martin DB9 convertible – these cars sound and look superb – This is the second Aston we have mapped for this customer and a Porsche when he turned to the darkside.
The remap is small gains in power but a big difference in throttle response making it a very worthwhile tune.
95% of all Aston Martins ever made are still on the road – that tells you something about the build quality and the way the owners look after their vehicles – that was the interesting fact for the day.

VW Transporter T5 2.5 Tdi Remap

VW Transporter T5 2.5 TDi Remap

ECU Remapped 11/05/2015
Gain 38BHp 85Nm
We all love a Transporter – good for work and even better as a day van or camper van – and boy do they hold their money – 100k miles is nothing for one of these and had recently been treated to a new turbo and dpf – travelling around hilly areas in France on holiday had asked a few questions from the van which it had answered but now its mapped it will rush up the hills with gusto and still want more

Citroen Relay Horsebox Remap

Citroen Relay Horsebox Remap

ECU Remapped 12/05/2015 in Longfield
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
On a regular UK driving license you can drive a LCV up to 3.5 tonnes. This means vans of the size of this relay are popular as horse boxes and you can carry two 500kg horses. Kit, passengers and being very un aerodynamic means 120bhp that the 2.2 hdi engine manages is just simply not enough. A remap makes a world of difference and will help you get to the show jumping a lot easier

Mercedes e350cdi bluetec reamp

2014 Mercedes e350 cdi Remapping

Mercedes E350CDi BlueTec Remap

ECU Remapped 13/05/2014
Gain 40BHp 90Nm
This late 2014 Mercedes e350 is fitted with the newer Bosch edc17cp57 Ecu that has only just been released for remapping requiring additional leads that you can see in the picture connecting to two pins on the left hand plug of the ecu. Fairly simple to remove the ecu from the cars front wheel arch and opening the ecu much simpler than some edc17s as the lid is now cast rather than pressed and a lot more solid. The ecu read fine and we found all the maps that we wanted to change quickly and made the necessary changes but then the system did not want to write back the modifies data – or the original for some reason.
Now those who use cloned tools or not in licence will struggle here but of course our tools are always up to date and licences paid so we sent log files over to Alientech who corrected the protocol error ( probably due to today’s release of EDC17CP66 ) and we were back in business – The cars is now faster and more responsive and will most probably return a few extra MPGs

VW Golf 6 2.0 tdi 140 remap

VW Golf mk6 2.0 Tdi 140 Bhp Remap

ECU Remapped 14/05/2015
Gain 40BHp 80NM
This Golf was a 2009/09 so it may have been OBD or possibly tri-core remap – First identify the ecu – edc17cp14 – thats a bad start because we only had kess and k tag with us and this ecu cannot be tuned with kess if it did have the later software its would have to be a bench tune but after reading the ecu data we did a quick check and there was no anti-tune software – This then was a very straightforward remap taking 40 minutes in total and a massive transformation for he car 40 extra bhp and 80nm of torque is such a difference. Even if it had been the more long winded bench tune method it would still be worthwhile

VW T5 Transporter 2.5 TDi 130 Remap

VW Transporter T5 2.5 Tdi 130 Remap

ECU Remapped 16/05/2015
Gain 38BHp 85Nm
This is why we love Transporters, 2006 but still in good health as their owners know despite high mileages if they are in good nick and well serviced they fetch good money – therefore they are worth looking after and this was no exception and mapped very nicely gaining good power and response and the double whammy of improved mpg too

Land Rover Discovery TDV6 Remap

Land Rover Discovery 2.7 TDV6 Remap

ECU Remapped 18/05/2015 in Leighton Buzzard
Gain 36Bhp 85Nm
One of our favorite cars to remap, fast read – fast to tune and fast to write – 30 minutes on average all in and the gains are just so good. Its underpowered in stock form and would have been a wonderful car with a TDV8 but a tuned 6 cylinder is ample

BMW E63 635d Remap

BMW E63 635D Remap

ECU Remapped 18/05/2015 in Stevenage
Gain 55BHp 130Nm
If the Land Rover earlier is one of our favorite cars to tune the twin turbo 6 cylinder BMW is right up there too – Ok these take 30 minutes just to read the software from the ecu and then longer to modify and write but just over the hour mark and this swift GT car is now off the scale 580Nm of stock torque becomes 710Nm after a remap – I dont think I need to explain any further do I ?

BMW X5 4.0D Tuning

BMW X5 4.0D Tuning

V-Box fitted 18/05/2015 in Basildon
Gain 35Bhp 75Nm
The later BMWs especially with edc17cp45s are a trikky car to tune as the ecu needs splitting and the board rotating to tune making it a lengthy process and therefore more expensive. An alternative is a V-Box plug in tuning system – this one was fitted in 15 minutes and the car is ready to drive away with more power and better fuel economy. We can even supply these mail order with full fitting instructions so you can get your car tuned anywhere in the world


Renault Megane 3 1.9 DCI Remap

ECU Remapped 20/05/2015
Gain 35Bhp 70Nm
There is a few quirks with a Renault with an ecu16 ecu that need addressing when remapping – fortunately we know exactly how to get around all these little foibles.
Firstly you cannot read or write to the ecu until the engine temperature is below 50degC so dont even bother trying
Secondly you need to know how to turn the dashboard on without starting the engine ( key in slot – car in gear and press start button until dash is alight and dash says please remove keycard )
Then you can start reading the ecu and follow that by reading the injector codes ( occasionally on this ecu type writing software to the ecu will decode the injectors and the car will not rev beyond 2000rpm )
then you can mod the software and rewrite to the ecu – followed by recoding the injectors with the saved codes from earlier
Now before starting the car there is a little shimmy we need to do so the cruise control and speed limiter work – failure to do this will mean the cruise control and speed limiter will never work – not even a main dealer can fix this – be warned!
and then just to keep us completely on out toes the car will also tell us a service is now due even if it was serviced last week – so that needs resetting too.
Phew now its ready to drive – was it worth it – you betcha – 165bhp diesel engine in a small car with plenty of torque – damn right its worth it


Subaru Impreza STi Remap

ECU Remapped 22/05/2015
Gain – LOTS and LOTS
We have remapped cars for Martin before and he was itching to get his STi chipped but couldn’t find the time to get down to us and get it on the dyno which would be the ideal choice as there are a fair few mods on this car – Forged King Rods with AP bolts – CP pistons, APC race bearings, a 3″ exhaust which will soon have the cats removed and a uprated turbo. So writing a map to suit is really best on the dyno where we can measure AFR etc but we drove the car first and it made 2.03 bar boost ( inc atmospheric ) which is bang in line with a stock map so its safe to increase considerably the boost levels and a few other alterations – it went really well afterwards, although I still feel we can go further when he has time to get it on the dyno for a full session

Mercedes Vito 109 Remap

Mercedes Vito 109 Remap

ECU Remapped 22/05/2015
Gain 38Bhp 75Nm
The last of the Vitos with a bosch ecu ( bar the 3 litre ones ) being a 2010 vehicle and probably the one I would choose rather than the later Delphi ecud VANS. But 95Bhp from 2148ccs what were Mercedes thinking of – that couldn,t pull you out of bed in the morning. Thankfully we can make amends for the Germans oversight by adding 38bhp and 75nm of torque quickly and simply via the obd port in 45 minutes flat – now that’s an improvement worth having – No excuses for this plumber being late for your job now

Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 cdti 101 Remap

Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 CDTi Remap

ECU Remapped 22/05/2015
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
This is Daves new van – Its not a new van but its new to him and he has treated it to some lovely side windows and a remap today and now it looks better and goes better – smoother and more powerful and will improve fuel economy by 3-5 mpg now thats worth doing – That will save enough money to get the centre caps from the alloy wheels changed from the BMW ones to Vauxhall ones ( even though they will still be BMW wheels )

Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi 140 Remap

Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi 140 Remap

ECU Remapped 25/05/2015
Gain 35BHp 65Nm
Chris has just got his Kuga and it has all the toys – leather, sat nav , lane guidance it is totally loaded but it just didn’t have the grunt it deserved, probably as his last car was a Jaguar XF3.0 diesel with 275bhp, He was ready to get rid of the Kuga because of its lack of drivability – 40 minutes is all it took us to give the car the performance it deserves and save this car being returned to the blue oval dealer

 VW Polo 1.6 TDi 75 CAYA Remap

VW Polo 1.6 TDi Remap

ECU Remapped 26/05/2015 in Medway
Gain 55Bhp 80Nm
A CAYA engine code VW Polo mk5 means its the 1.6 TDi with just 75Bhp in stock form – great little car not anywhere enough grunt.
fortunately all 1.6 Tdi engines are the same just tuned differently so we can change the ecu data to 102bhp version and tune it from there giving a massive 55BHp 80Nm gain over stock and making this a decent vehicle – also deleting EGR duty cycle while we are about it as this car was having a problem with the EGR valve that is now sorted

Audi A6 C7 2.0 TDi Remap

Audi A6 C7 2.0 TDi Remap

ECU Remapped 27/05/2015 in Staplehurst
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
Despite being a 2012 vehicle we can tune these Audis via the OBD port as long as we have a copy of the original software, We can only tell that when we have a clear identification of the ecu – and in this case we had a match so like any other OBD remap just under an hour and the Audi is now fit for towing the family caravan

Ford Mondeo ST220 Remap

Ford Mondeo 3.0 v6 ST220 Remap

ECU Remapped 29/05/2015
Gain 15Bhp 20Nm
I wasnt sure if the 3.0 st 220 could be mapped OBD. I know its a Ford EEC-V ecu but something in my mind said they never read
But protocols change all the time and always worth revisiting these cars we thought were not tunable and this is why – No problem reading although about a 30 minute read and wrote no problem
The car now feels a lot sharper to drive and while the bhp hasnt increased dramatically the drive is a lot better

Ford Mondeo 3.0 V6 ST 220 Remap

Ford Mondeo ST220 3.0V6 Remap

ECU Remapped 29/05/2015
Gain 15Bhp 20Nm
A bit of a his and hers with this customer – matching ST220s – although this was a 2003 model the earlier one was a 2007
same map though and same nice results

Vauxhall Mokka 1.4T Remap

Vauxhall Mokka 1.4T 140 Remap

ECU Remapped 29/05/2015
Gain 30Bhp 45Nm
Mick sold his Audi a6 2.0 tdi to get this Mokka and while they both have the same 140bhp towing his caravan was a bit hard work in the Mokka – that’s because the Mokka has 200Nm of torque while the Audi has 320Nm and that’s what you need for towing – while we cant get the torque figures of the Audi a remap on this car certainly improves the drive and the extra 45Nm of torque will most definately help

VW Golf mk4 1.9 tdi 130 Remap

VW Golf MK4 1.9 Tdi 130 Remap

ECU Remapped 29/05/2015
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
Thank you mum and dad – Matts parents have got a new car and passed down their 2003 Golf – its the 130BHp 1.9 that drives really well and only 80k miles and absolutely mint – it may be 12 years old with an ancient edc15 ecu ( so old we had to bring Simon out of retirement to write the file LOL) but its so tunable and easy.
This car has plenty of miles and years left in it – If you can find one as good as this just buy it and tune it – you wont be dissapointed

Ford Transit Torneo Remap

Ford Transit Torneo Remap

ECU Remapped 30/05/2015
Gain 25BHp 55Nm
The Torneo is a well specced transit with seats – Many have been used as taxis and seem to last well – Decent gains from the 2 litre turbo diesel engine and improved mpg too

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