July 2012 Blog

VW Transporter T5 2.5 TDi 131BHp
ECU Remapped 03/07/2012
Gain 38BHp 85Nm
Having been converted from a white van to a black surf bus this T5 looks excellent and will be big hit in Newquay and the like and now with a performance remap there wont be many surf busses that can keep up – at least the owner will be able to watch a dvd while waiting for the others to catch up

Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0
ECU Remapped 04/07/2012
Gain 30BHp Peak 55Nm
Again with these WRX Impezas we aim to widen teh power band making more usable power through a wider portion of the rev range – also makes the power delivery smoother  – thats needed when adding 6psi of extra boost

Ford Focus 2   2.0 tdci 136Bhp
ECU Remapped 06/07/2012
Blue Optimize gain 20BHp 40Nm
Even though the aim is to improve fuel economy probably 10-15% improvements in bhp, torque, Throttle response and a smoother power delivery are all delivered in the Blue Optimize package – Who said you cant have your cake and eat it – In fact some have said I have eaten too much cake

Nissan Navara 2.5 DCi 174Bhp

ECU REmapped 06/07/2012

Gain 30BHp 48Nm

Library Photo, I was not looking forward to remapping this one as its the first Navara we have remapped rather than fitting a tuning box We took our time carefully removing and opening the ecu , then it takes different bdm probes to read and write to the ecu all in all quite trikky but the results are well worth it – Nice power gains and a really good gain in mpg – The next one will be a lot quicker to do

Dodge Nitro 2.8 CRD 174BHP
ECU Remapped 07/07/2012
Gain 42BHp 85Nm
Marmite styling the Dodge vehicles very square but well appointed and what is even better in teh Mercedes engine gearbox and running gear which makes them virtually bulletproof – so why not give them the performance they deserve

Honda Civic 2.2 i-ctdi
ECU Remapped 09/07/2012
Gain 38bhp 75Nm
These cars always supprise me on how well they drive and what good road manners they have – the power gains also give a fair shove in the back making them a pretty swift vehicle all round

BMW X5 3.0D 235Bhp Auto
ECU Remapped 13/07/2012
Gain 40Bhp 80Nm
Despite being a mid 2009 car the 235Bhp version has a bosche ecd16ecu meaning no tuning protection and therfore easy to remap via the OBD plug – The results are still very worthwhile making the big bimmer feel very spritely

Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6
ECU Remapped 13/07/2012
Gain 38Bhp 85Nm
The Range Rover Sport looks the part but really could do with a bit more oopfhh
Just what the doctor ordered here then – the extra power certainly makes the difference and our experience tells us the generally improve from 23/24 mpg to 26/28    now thats a difference we can all do with

BMW 520D E60 177Bhp Auto
ECU Remapped 13/07/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
I am ofetn asked which 5 series BMW 5 Series to go for
After 25th build week in 2007 the 520d was given extra power to 177 bhp stock and 217bhp after we have finished with i…t so as long as it is before may 2009 and can be remapped inexpensively via the OBD port then I would have to say this is the one to go for – driven sensibly can return 50mpg with good power delivery it is simply an excellent car
Renault Kangoo 2 1.5Dci 68BHp
ECU Remapped 14/07/2012
Gain 18BHp 39Nm
Ok so this little Kangoo is never going to become a Ferrari but the extra 18BHp makes a huge difference
Just feels more Torque throughout the rev range
Better than the origional 68BHp which couldnt pull the skin off a custard
BMW 335D Auto
ECU Remapped 17/07/2012
Gain 55BHp 120Nm
341Bhp – and 700+Nm of torque – now they are impressive figures especially when you consider it also gives decent fuel economy – It also looks very smart with the AutoVogue body kit and 20″ rims and red leather – this is a super fast BMW
Audi A4 B7 3.0 TDi Quatro
ECU Remapped 18/07/2012
Gain 50BHp 100Nm
John said something that hit home – he origionally had a 2.0tdi a4 cabriolet from new. He had changed it but continued to hanker after the german soft top so treated himself… to a used 3 litre version that is now very quick – Its not often we reminisce over a car we have sold – what car would you like back – for me its my Dax Cobra replica – mid life crisis maybe but it must be time for me to have a cobra replica again.
VW Transporter 2.5 TDi 131Bhp DSG
ECU Remapped 19/07/2012
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
Despite being a late 2009 vehicle the 2.5 tdi Transporter was still fitted with a bosch edc16 + ecu meaning no tuning protection and access to the full file via the obd2 port making this a simple yet very effective remap
Mercedes Sprinter 2008 311 cdi
ECU REmapped and speed limiter removal
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
It will be no supprise this Sprinter once belonged to DHL and was limited to 68mph – hard work when you travel to Switzerland reguarly – fortunately we can remove the speed limiter and remap it for more power but even so this big van will still be more fuel efficient after we have worked our magic
Mercedes ml350cdI BlueEfficiency
ECU Remapped 26/07/2012
Gain 42BHp 130Nm
A long job this one as the ecu is hidden in the inner wheelarch – not something we have a problem with but its just long winded – the gains are very much worthwhile though
Renault Clio Sport 182
ECU Remapped 26/07/2012
Gain 15BHp 22Nm
Not the most extreme power gains here but the car is just that much sharper in throttle response and pick up its definately worth doing – touch of timing advance will help fuel economy as well once Sam has stopped having fun – and no joke he does have size 14 shoes
Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 90Bhp
ECU Remapped 28/07/2012
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
Very frugal little cars these fiestas but all the better for a remap- we did take just a smidge out of the highest level of tuen here by not adding quite asmuch fuel to the mix so the economy will definately be improved as well as the extra horse power
Vauxhall combo 1.3 cdti 75BHp
DPF Delete and blue optimize remap 28/07/2012
Gain 12BHp 25Nm
I will be honest here this combo was in a bit of a state when it came in – the dpf had been removed and the car was drifting from limp mode to chucking a whole bunch of black smoke out of the back – the egr had also been blanked off – none of this helping
we cleared fault codes and remapped the ecu for dpf delete and gave it a soft tune – due to its previous problems the gain in power was not noticable as the turbo had been overboosting ( lucky we caught that in time before it went bang ) but its now sorted driving as it should do with no plumes of smoke or limp home mode
BMW 325i Cabriolet
ECU Remapped 31/07/2012
Gain 17BHp 30Nm
Another BMW with a msd80 ecu so the process is slow – 1 hour to read – 45 mins to write the file and 20 mins to upload it to the car and then it feels smoother but no more powerful… – typical with this ecu – the adaptation time is quite slow and the full effect of the remap will take 100-200 miles to clear the cache memory and settle in but its worth the wait especially at the lower revs 1700-2100 where these feel very flat in stock form
VW Golf GTi 2.0 Tfsi
ECU Remapped 31/07/2012
Gain 50BHp 90Nm
We usually quote 40 BHp 80Nm on the 2.0 Tfsi VW engines but most go a lot better and this was one of them we have seen the same mapping give nearly 60BHp gains – It just seems they are very good engines and so tunable

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