October 2011 Blog

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 Dci 171Bhp

V-BOX fitted 02/10/2011

Gain 35Bhp 70Nm

While final developments are under way for remapping the Nissan Denso ecu we know the v-box works very well on these Nissan Pathfinder and Navara equivalents – Good power gains and much better fuel economy

Audi RS4 4.2 V8 410Bhp
ECU Remapped 04/10/2011
gain 35BHp 55Nm
OK Im going to say something that sounds a bit silly now
These Audi V8s are a bit wooly even in manual format
the throttle and pick up are just a bit lame
Fortunately a remap to the twin ecus not only sharpens up the bhp the throttle response is vastly improved making a much better vehicle altogether

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 Cdti 120Bhp Auto
ECURemapped and DPF Delete 06/11/2011
Gain 25Bhp 50Nm
Had a call regarding this Vauxhall Zafira with acute DPF problems – expensive but why replace the DPF at £1600 when it can be removed and deleted from the ecu and we will give it a nice “Blue optimise” tune while we are there
As we suspected is the case with Vauxall ecus  the edc16/c9 ecu will not read – only one option is left remove the ecu from the front passenger wheelarch and read the eeprom, flash and IMO codes directly via BDM – you can see the ecu out here with the BDM reader doing its thing – back in the car a couple of hours later all is left is to remove the exhaust from the car and remove the internals from the DPF. Problem solved permanently and more power and more mpg

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 311 2007
Gain 28BHP 55Nm
Danny is a courier for medical suplies and popped in to get a remap en route from Great Oldond Street to Holland – He was carrying some bone marrow to be used in an operation – Fortunately Sprinters are pretty fast to remap and he was on his way again with a faster , more economical Sprinter in 45 minutes – keep up the good work Danny –
Remapping with BLUE OPTIMIZE is an excellent way of saving fuel for couriers of all desciptions would expect 8-15% fuel savings here

Mercedes ML 270CDi 2001 163 Bhp
ECU Remapped 18/10/2011
Gain 38Bhp 75Nm
These big mercs are underpowered and a performance remap brings it up to a decent level of tune that you can live with – also improves mpg too

Mercedes Benz Vito 109Cdi 95Bhp
ECU Remapped 21/10/2011
gain 38Bhp 75Nm
Gary has just changed from a 115BHp Traffic and while the Mercedes is a better van it lacked the power of the Renault, especially when laden with his plumbing gear which can total to a lot of weight, In this instance we would go for a higher level of tune, well within the capabilities of this engine though. He was certainly very happy on the test drive

Mercedes Benz S55 AMG Kompressor 500BHp
ECU Remapped 21/10/2011
Gain 22BHp 40Nm
Yes 500 BHp stock but they are a little lazy with muted throttle response and of course limited to 155mph
We can do something about all of this remove the limiter , sharpen up the throttle and give a map that is much more progressive – now take me to the autobahns

Audi TT 1.8T 225BHp Quatro
ECU Rempped 24/10/2011
Gain40 BHp 75Nm
This is Terrys second Audi TT and this one is the 225BHp Quatro version, recently purchased it has only 36,000 miles and a service history to prove, not bad for a 9 year old car, Its all about fun here – more smiles per mile so it a performance tune adding sharpness to the throttle and 40Bhp to the wheels – certainly impressive on the test drive, We have also taken into consideration when writing the map that Terry may well fit a upgraded induction kits and performance exhaust – this map will work fine with these possible upgrades

Audi A8 4.2 TDI V8 322 Bhp
ECU’S Remapped 24/10/2011
Gain 50Bhp 120Nm
Tim had his bmw 335i remapped a few months ago but was aproached to sell is and knew the oportunity was too good to miss – so down to Cardiff to pick up this LWB Audi A8 4.2, now these aren t slow to start with but 50 BHp and 120Nm gains really gives it the edge – it wafts up to the speed limit with the finesse I would expect from a big engined Jaguar – and still returns 32-35mpg – nice

Land Rover Discovery 3 2.7TDV6 188Bhp
ECU Remapped 30/10/2011 – BLUE OTTIMIZE
Gain 28Bhp 54Nm
Graham bought his Discovery Auto a few weeks ago and a very nice vehicle it is too in a very non standard colour – but the fuel economy was not what he was hopeing for so we have gven him our BLUE OPTIMIZE remap for improved fuel economy – this does not mean he gets less power in fact gaining 28BHp and 54Nm is a decent gain and we suspect an extra 3-4 Mpg too

VW Passat 1.9 tdi 130bhp Auto
ECU Remapped 30/10/2011 BLUE OPTIMIZE
Gain 28BHp 55Nm
Sohail has owned his Passat for over 3 years and has never been massively impressed with the fuel economy of around 42mpg – its not that bad for an auto but this BLUE OPTIMIZE remap will not only give hime more power but also improve economy – in todays high fuel price enviroment this is a worthwhile remap

Audi A3 1.9 Tdi 105 Bhp
ECU Remapped 31/10/2011
Gain 38BHp 80Nm
Super little car this Audi a3 and although Audi had introduced the 2.0tdi by 2007 the lower BHp versions were still 1.9s , We know a thing or two about this version though and can transform them into nippy little runarounds – this one with low miles certainly goes like the clappers compared to how it was early this morning

Ford Fiesta Sport Van 1.6 Tdci 90Bhp
ECU Remapped 31/10/2011
Gain 25BHp 55Nm
These are great little vans that can carry a suprising quantity in the back and still give great mpg, 60 mpg is not uncommon as standard, but this will improve with a remap unless it gets totally ragged, Now the problem here is the government why oh why is this vehicle £200 a year road tax – if it was the fiesta zetec s car it would only be £35 a year – its the samething without rear windows and rear seats – sort it out George Osborne

Nissan Quashqai 2.0 dci 2010 150BHp
ECU Remapped 31/10/2011 BLUE OPTIMIZE
Gain 28BHp 55Nm
My camara had run flat by the tiem I made it to Ipswich so I have borrowed this photo from google, With care not to loose injector coding we remapped this Nissan with the intention of fuel saving with our Blue Optimize remap

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