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BMW E60 530D SE AUTO 231Bhp
ECU Remapped 02/09/2012
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
2007 BMW 530d with only 35k miles has to be something of a record for low mileage and a prime candidate for a performance remap that gives the big bimmer better throttle response more bhp with a smoother power delivery and extra mpg too – too good to be true ? not when you have Jason Heitman write your files – not all tuners have top file writers choose carefully
Bosch MED17.4.2
What an absolute bugger – the aim was to solder to 2 boot pins and a cnf1 pin on the board to enable programming it was impossible to solder as too small and close together – but desire being the mother of all invention – out came the sewing kit 3 round headed pins soldered on some wire and duct tape over the top to hold in place -BOB’s YOUR UNCLE  another car remapped
Citroen DS3 1.6 Thp 150BHp
Remapped 02/09/2012
Gain 50 BHp 71Nm
And this is the result another ds3 with a motorsport remap that just wants to pull your face off – normally we can do these via the OBD plug but just a few in the latter half of 2011 had a slightl;y different ecu that requires a tri-core process ( explained earlier ) Hope you enjoy Phil
Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5 227Bhp
ECU Remapped stage 1 03/09/2012
Gain 30-45BHp 55-80Nm
much sharper response here from this scooby
will gain 30bhp and 55Nm at peak and 45bhp and 80Nm through the rev range much more fun from the 4wd scooby
Seat Leon2 2.0 TDI FR 170Bhp
ECU Remapped 04/09/2012
Gain 35BHp 70Nm
The 170BHp version of the 2.0 TDi engine has stopped being remapped by some tuners as unless you know exactly what you are doing they can be troublesome . Fortunately we do know what we are doing and can achieve very worthwhile gains wthat give no problems .
This customer was delighted with the results
Scoda Octavia 1.8T 180Bhp
ECU Remapped 04/09/2012
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
There is quite a long story here – we arrived to remap this skoda and got an i/d from it but would not read – obviously it has been remapped before by someone who puts an anti-read into the ecu data such as Revo, APR or the such – We suggested getting the car on the dyno to see what power it was really giving but unfortunately the car had gone into limp mode by the time it got to the dyno and as you can see only gave 126bhp with just 0.3 bar of boost – Unable to the read the ecu we had to fire in an origional map which we then ran again giving 184.2 BHp which is a healthy stock reading – we then remapped this origional software to give a 214bhp result with 1.07 bar of boost just how a remapped auq engined octavia vrs should be.
Subaru Impreza WRX Hawkeye 2.5 227BHp
ECU Remapped 03/09/2012 STAGE 2
This Hawkeye Scooby came in to us with a 3inch decat exhaust and upgraded dump valve and looking for more power – unlike the 2.0 litre version the mods already gave a nice increase over the 227BHp stock figure and it ran 255 BHp – with our stage 2 map we have increased this to 284.4 bhp peak with bigger gains from 3000 to 5000 rpm and in increase of a massive 80lb/ft of torque – Hope you are enjoying this Malcolm.
Range Rover Sport SDV6 235BHP 3.0 litre
ECU Remapped 05/09/2012
Gain 30bhp 60Nm
Pretty trikky motors to remap these newer 3.0 tdv6 s copared to the earlier 2.7 tdv6 but they are a much better and more powerful vehicle in the first place. We have to remove the battery to get to the ecu then remove it and program on the bench but gains are well worthwhile nice bhp and torque and fuel savings too
VW Transporter T5 2.0 TDi 102 BHp
ECU Remapped 07/09/2012
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
RonnieScott conversions turn teh humble Transporters into day vans and motorhomes to the finest standard. This is their own van a new shape t5 with the 2 litre engin…

e and edc17 ecu which requires bench tuning – The results are well worth the extra effort though and this lovely van ( looking suspiciously like  sportline ) will give many many years of fun with plenty of power
Mitsubishi L200 Warrior 2.5 td 113Bhp
ECU Remapped 08/09/2012
Gain 35BHp 65Nm
Not many can remap these earlier l200s but we can and what a difference it makes – More smoother power making the vehicle feel less agricultural and emmisions are still pretty clean not like the “smoke boxes” that most tuners will try and talk you into buying for these
and a lot more power than the smoke box will give you
Ford Fiesta mk6 1.4 Tdci 68Bhp
ECU Remapped 09/09/2012
Gain 18BHp 39Nm
Ok this is not a massive gain in BHp but on a percentage basis its huge and the difference very noticable – Well lets be honest you would never buy this car for its performance anyway its its fuel economy that makes you buy it – its just that much better all round once I have tweeked it a bit
Ford Transit 2.4 Tddi 90ps
ECU Remapped 10/09/2012
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
Moleing equipment is rather heavy – add to that 4 burly workmen and what you need is more than 90Bhp unless you are in no rush to get to work – In come FlashRemapping 30BHp added in 1 hour and the workforce are happy again
Mercedes Sprinter 311 ( Library photo )
ECU Remapped 11/09/2012
Gain 38BHp 75Nm
This sprinter is used for some serious DJing and struggles when fully loaded – no problem a performance tune will give it the power it needs and better fuel economy especially when lugging the heavy equipment
Audi A3 1.8T Quatro 180BHp
ECU Remapped 11/09/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
Recently I have heard more and more people prefering the older VAG engines – people prefering the 1.9 tdi over the 2.0 tdi and now the 1.8T over the newer 2.0 Tfsi – probably because the turbos are more brutal – more lag but a feeling of more boost when they come in – Fortunately Dave is a Physio so if the extra power here puts his back out he will be ok
Do we deliver what we claim?
Here is the proof
A year or so ago we remapped this 2007 Audi a6 3.0 TDi Quatro ~( edc16 + version )- Figures stock are 233 bhp 332lb/ft torque
The customer called and wanted to know if we could dyno it to proove the figures – no problem
here is the result  282.9 bhp – up 49.9 bhp
and torque  up  to 413  lb/ft      up 81lb/ft ( 109.7 Nm)
check against our website      which claims 50Bhp 110Nm        bang on the money
If you require a before and after runs with your remap we can do that in Bexleyheath or Bromsgrove – cost £50 for 2wd £70 for 4wd on top of the remap cost
BMW 330D Coupe 231BHp
ECU Remapped 14/09/2012
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
“What a difference a Dave makes ”
I love these cars and I love remapping them – Colin tried hard to hide the smirk as he returned from his test drive but just couldnt do it – they are quick to start with but they are Fun with a capital F once remapped
Range Rover Sport TDV6 2.7
ECU Remapped 15/09/2012
Gain 38Bhp 95Nm
Having come out of a BMW 530D John wanted a bit more power from the Range Rover and thats exactly what we gave it better response throughout the rev range and better mpg too
BMW 118D 2.0 143 Bhp
ECU Remapped 16/09/2012
Gain 40BHp 80Nm
This was a 2008 BMW so fitted with eth edc 17 ecu but pre tuning protection so nice and quick to read-write and with really nice gains
BMW 335D Coupe 286Bhp
ECU Remapped 17/09/2012
Gain 55Bhp 120Nm
Ray is a Darford FC supporter so it was very very tempting to take 55 bhp away from this car but professionalism came over me and we gave him a nice gain sharper throttle response and better fuel economy – how can anyone support the Darts when Welling united are only a couple of miles away?
BMW 120D E82 177Bhp
ECU Remapped 19/09/2012
gain 40 bhp 80Nm
What a polava – being a nov 2008 vehicle this car would not normally have anti-tune but a recent BMW software upgrade had installed anti-tune software retrospectively – unknowingly we tuned the car via the obd port and it didnt start – never a good sign but we have seen this before – reinstall the origional file and it started fine – next we took out the ecu and programmed it on the bench – quite fun putting it all back together in the dark but all went ok – Kieron had the car remapped before by another company and never felt that impressed so I was keen to see what he thought of our map – big smiles from both him and his wife after the test drive makes it all worthwhile – enjoy matey

So why would BMW retrospectively fit anti-tune software to their ecus – the answer is simples
They want you to take the car to them to tune and of course pay them a huge amount of money
this is BMWs offer of a tune 40Nm on this vehicle is pretty lame for a tune and although they dont quote a price here I have been told its £1100
for this level – we can give you more for a lot less – give us a call and let us tell you what we can do for your car, van or motorhome
Audi A3 2.0 TDi 140BHp
ECU Remapped 20/09/2012
Gain 33BHp 65Nm
With a few miles on the clock we didnt want to push this too hard so opted for a blend tune between performance and economy – the test drive showed a nice turn speed though and the fuel economy will definately be improved here as well
VW Transporter 2.0 TDi 140BHp
ECU Remapped 27/09/2012 Blue Optimize
Gain 28BHp 55Nm
It was all about fuel economy for this taxi driver who works 7 days a week and will spend over £100 on diesel over a weekend and knocking £200 in a week so fuel savings of 15% will equate to about £1500 a year – not to mention a bit more power and better response – bit of a no brainer then
BMW 320Ci Cabriolet M Sport
ECU Remapped 27/09/2012
Gain 12BHp 15Nm
From 170Bhp stock these dont look like massive gains but let me tell you we know BMWs like the back of our hands and this is very much worthwhile – they are very flat between 1700-2100 rpm before we get hold of them and with better throttle response its a transformed vehicle – much more like you would want it
BMW 525D M Sport Auto
ECU Remapped 29/09/2012
Gain 42BHp 90Nm
Joe has just had to replce the turbo on this BMW as he hadnt serviced it on time – take heed yawalll
Still with a fresh turbo and breather pipes some fresh oil and a FlashRemapping remap its now a whole load better
Ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci 140
ECU Remapped 30/09/2012
Gain 30BHp 60Nm
Sundays are a good day for remapping and Ford Mondeos are good cars for remapping – nice gains better throttle response and more mpg    – lovely now if we can just pull the come back of the centuary in the Ryder cup my sunday will be complete

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