DSG Tuning

VAG DSG Tuning

FlashRemapping has been for a long time at the very pinnacle of tuning for engine ECUs of most makes and models of cars

We have a great range of experience in vehicle tuning and have for a long time searched for a solution for customers who are unhappy with the DSG gearboxes as fitted to their Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda, and trust me there are many of them.

VAG DSG Gearbox tuning

Initially we will be offering this tuning for Temiccca DQ200 and DQ250 DSG gearboxes

This will make a  massive improvement to shift times in “Drive”, “Sport”, and “Tiptronic” settings.

Up to 70% reduction in shift times is achievable in the tiptronic setting.

Launch control is also available for adjustment meaning revs can be held higher when engaging launch control.

We can adjust the gearbox settings for your desired results so you can enjoy your car with or without our famous remapping.

For further details please feel free to contact us.

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