Cost of Fuel

Cost of Fuel

This makes for very ugly reading, As a nation we bought 5.3% less fuel in December than we did 5 years ago – that makes sense more of us have moved to diesel and turbo diesel vehicles, this means we have moved to more economical vehicles. I would guess 5.3% equates to how much more economical our cars are compared to 5 years ago.

The bad news is that petrol and diesel costs us over 40% more than it did 5 years ago, that comes directly out of our own pockets. so what are the options?  You can buy the latest green (or is that blue?) car or van that promises more mpg, drive fewer miles (not always possible), or is there another way?

Yes there is!

Why not have your “Blueness” turned on with the award winning BlueOptimize remap for your current vehicle. FlashRemapping are seeing more and more customers who do not want or need to change their current vehicle but would like more mpg. With BlueOptimize, mpg improvements of up to 20% are really possible. Not only will you get more mpg you will also get more Bhp, more torque, better throttle response and a smoother power delivery.

If fuel costs are hurting you in the pocket this is a genuinely great way to cut the cost of running your vehicle or vehicles.

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