FlashRemapping prepare Kumho Challenge Class C BMW 328i

FlashRemapping prepare Kumho Challenge Class C BMW 328i

This week we have been working on setting up the Kumho Challenge Class C Competitor Dave Heasman’s BMW 328i

It has been interesting to say the least

The 328i from 1997 originally came with 193 bhp at the flywheel

So 16 years and many miles later what could we expect

Well it has had a few modifications

A M50 inlet manifold

Ram Air style induction ( straight from the front headlight )

and a straight through exhaust

very good and sensible modifications

So what did it run

As you can see it was running 235Bhp when it came in

We spent a lot of time working on improving the power and after about 15 different file versions we have gained 27bhp to 262

bhp vs afr

One of the problems we were facing was that with a vanos system the AFR in this form was running too lean after the vanos opens at 5000 rpm

This is very common on BMWs but we have richened up the mix so above 5000 rpm it runs at 13.5 where as before it was at 14.5

That I think would make it run too hot and possibly cause problems – now its a lot better

This is the power at the wheels up from 190 to 214

That’s a good improvement

So Its now down to Dave to do the Business on the track

This is the car as it was tested on the dyno

I know this is a 3 door mock up – but this is roughly what the car will look like when wrapped before the start of the 2014 season

Good Luck Dave – Bring home the trophy