Mobile ECU Remapping

Mobile ECU Remapping

FlashRemapping offer a National Mobile ECU Remapping service from our HQ in Bexleyheath, Kent which is actually just on the South East outskirts of London, but through our network of dealers there really isn’t anywhere we cannot reach.

The process will take approximately 1 hour to complete but this can vary on certain makes and models of car and occasionally it may be necessary for certain cars to come into us in Bexleyheath or Bromsgrove for the remapping to take place. This is not due to the software but due to the method of retrieving the original data from the cars ECU and writing back the modified software.

We are often asked how we can offer a mobile ecu remapping service and don’t you get a better result on a dyno. Well because of the research and development that goes into understanding the data within the cars ECU initially we know exactly the parameters to change for the desired results. Of course if you want a before and after dyno run we can arrange that for you as well in Bexleyheath or Bromsgrove.

We are happy to offer our service outside normal office hours, we understand that with fleets downtime of working vehicles can be detrimental to the business and for those who work on a 9-5 basis and a mobile ecu remapping service is not suitable at their place of work.

So we are happy to come to you in an evening or weekend if that is best for you

Generally we can have a technician out to you within a week of your instruction, in fact many times we are able to get to you on the same day

FlashRemapping offer only custom written ecu remapping, we do not use generic files at all, we are also a full time remapping company wether it be mobile ecu remapping or at one of our sites, beware of companies who offer ecu remapping as “one of ” their services, there are many vehicles out there that require professional experienced and trained technicians to perform the remap

Choose the best, choose FlashRemapping