More new vehicles released

More new vehicles released

Continuing the release of new vehicles we can remap:-

Mercedes w204  c180cdi / c200cdi / c220cdi blue efficiency

cars with the Delphi dcm3.5 ecu can now be remapped via the OBD2 port – saving time and money – see our Nov.Blog for dyno results on the c220cdi ( 52BHp 135Nm ) gain – absolutely outstanding


Also now available SAAB s with the Trionic T7 ecu can also be remapped via the OBD2 port

That is Saabs pre 2006

9-3  2.0   b205e/b    150Bhp

9-3 2.0    b205l         185Bhp

9-3 Aero   b205r       205Bhp

9-5 2.0     b205e/b    150Bhp

9-5 2.3 b235e             170Bhp

9-5 2.3   b235e           185Bhp

9-5 Aero 2.3 b235l     220Bhp

9-5 Aero 2.3  b235r    230Bhp

9-5 Aero  2.3 b235r    250Bhp