Suzuki Swift 1.3DDiS Remap

Suzuki Swift 1.3DDiS Remap

Suzuki Swift 1.3DDiS Remap


Suzuki Swift on Dyno

The Mk IV Suzuki Swift we have remapped many times giving 17Bhp 37Nm from either the 69 or 75Bhp 1.3 DDiS engine

So when we took in this MKV version while we knew it would be a bench tune rather than an OBD one we didn’t envisage anything too exciting. It actually developed into a full development opportunity

The Car was run on the dyno giving a healthy 78.8 Bhp a few up on the quoted power

The ECU was then removed from the vehicle and the file read from the ecu and remapped with similar changes as we would have made on the MKIV version (which also has a Magnetti Marelli ECU – but an earlier version)

Suzuki Swift ECU

Putting the ecu back in the car was when the car was when we found that convential tuning as we would do on teh mk IV does not work exactly correctly on the mkV – It ran fine under normal load but when pushing flat out as you would when doing a power run at 2000RPM the car threw itself into limp mode – Ah not what we were expecting – A quick diagnostic check showed P060C fault code – internal processor error – now that probably signals some data the processor cannot translate rather than a processor fault but it certainly wasnt what we wanted to see

Many hours later and much expertise we have found lots of differences within the mapping data ( specifically torque limiters ) and corrected them. A full belt and braces development file was written to the cars ecu and run again on the dyno

Suzuki Swift Dyno Graph

Wow that’s a difference from 78.8 Bhp up to 108.7  a 29.9 Bhp gain and 43lb/ft (58+ Nm ) of torque

AFRs and EGTs all monitored and healthy – the car is good to go

24 Hours later and the customer texts me

“Wow man the car is so nice to drive, It’s OK at lower revs and then after 2K it just goes like stink LOL, Great result thank you for everything”

Suzuki Swift 1.3DDiS Remapping

A Swift now living up to its name and another happy FlashRemapping customer