Of the 1000’s of cars we have worked on at FlashRemapping, the quality of service is paramount to company values.

The following section lists just some of our many satisified customers and projects we have carried out:-


Thankyou so much mapping my 320d yesterday. Its not just a bit better its like a different car! On the way up I managed 61.4mpg driving at 58mph on cruise control. Return journey gave 70.6mpg under exact same driving conditions on same route/distance. The low down pull is incredible for a mere 2.0 diesel and when pressed it breathes over 3000rpm rather than feeling choked.I really think anyone spending that sort of money on a recent 320d would be mad not to have you map it.

All the best John M ( 2008 BMW 320D M Sport Manual )


I just wanted to say thanks for a great job from my original contact enquiry to having my BMW remapped the very next day – the customer care was superb! David visited me at work and within an hour my BMW 525D M had been transformed with an extra 42 BHP. The throttle response and extra torque has made the car handle and drive completely differently – loads more pulling power, smooth transition through the gearbox – it genuinely feels like a different motor. I was considering selling for another beemer – now I will keep this one thanks to the remapping and the extra power it gave. First class job and much appreciated.

Kenny W – North London.(BMW 525D Auto)


Dear David,

Thought I would just update you on the results of the remap. Pickup is fantastically responsive and rapid. The car is now quicker than my old BMW 330i Coupe. I tend to drive ‘progressively’ when the opportunity presents and with this remap you can certainly do that.Overtaking is a doddle with the increased torque. Acceleration from 40mph to 80mph quite electric.
I just have to remember its a big old bus when being hurled into corners, don’t want to be taking to the roadside scenery!
I have noticed no increase in fuel consumption, still getting 38 to 40 mpg out of town. Many thanks for a great professional job.

Feel free to post this testimonial without my full name being used please.

Best Regards
Richard(Mercedes E320CDi 2005)


Hi Dave,

Though I would drop you a quick email to let you know how the car is
going after the remap last Saturday.

The car is now blisteringly fast
and a free flowing exhaust system should help it along even more.

Most interestingly, I set the cruise control on a short motorway run
at 60 Mph and the trip was reading a fuel figure of 73 Mpg so whilst I
need to verify that, the results in both performance and economy are
very impressive.


Glyn.(Citroen DS3 1.6Thp – Motorsport Remap and Air Filter)


Hi Dave
Just emailing to say thanks for the tuning box mate,ive tweaked it up slightly and it goes like a train now and anyone who asks me i will certainly pass your number on. thanks again Jamie


Thanks for the remap Dave. It was done almost year ago and I think it’s the best thing I did to my car – Matt Skoda Fabia 1.9 TDi 105Bhp



Took the car out for a proper drive. The results are fantastic!! really impressed!

Thanks once again!



Hi Dave,

So I’ve run a tank of fuel through the car and I’m staggered as to how much better it is. Fuel economy hardly dented, but performance greatly increased! 30 to well passed the point you lose your license is so much better. I really can’t believe BMW down tune them so much!

Great job and great service.

Many thanks,


Hi Dave,

Just wanted to say thanks for the remap, the car is the way it should have been from the start! At this rate I’ll def need new tyres soon 😉  both in drive and sport mode it’s a lot more lively!

Also power delivery is a lot smoother and there’re no flat spots! Linear power delivery.

BMW 330D Auto E90


Mate, I well appreciate u getting it done last nite,the difference is unbelievable!!!:-)

BMW 120D Coupe


Hi Dave

Thankyou for coming to remap my peugeot 206 2.0 hdi . what a difference it has made now i have learned the new sweet spot on the throttle its lovely
like a new car. I will and have given out your website for people to contact you for their cars to. regards stu.


Hi Dave.

Just a big thanks for a very satisfied customer.

Merry Christmas.
Will keep u in my phone.
Mick – BMW 525D


Reviews saying, “feels like a different car” were treated with scepticism by my son and me BUT both the 530D and Range Rover (see 22nd Dec blog) took on an improved personality. Love it.
Peter – BMW 530D , Range Rover Sport TDV6


Hi Dave
Just to let you no the audi drives like a dream. well impresed whith what the remapping has done.the car is alot faster
Many thanks
Nigel – Audi A4 2.0 TFSi
Hi Dave Just like to say very impressed has made it so much better to drive all round
Thanks Mike
Hi Dave.  Noticed the remap much better on the way home.  Clearly more power and more usable.  Happy with that, thanks.
Thank you for the prompt re-map of my Defender 90 2007, a significant improvement in performance, plus a twenty pound saving on fuel on my weekend commute to Norwich. I would recommend this to any Defender owner.
“Exceptional service and a real quality job. Performance of my Passat is superb and Dave demonstrated determination and professionalism in making sure the job was complete and I was satisfied. Many thanks”
Hello Dave
Re Audi A5 2.0 TDI Quattro
Very pleased with the remap, power through the gears much more responsive, MPG Improvement is between 12 and 14%
Totally great service from Dave for my ds3. it’s now a lot more lively to drive and nearly enjoyed it a little to much on the a20 as the police were there speed trapping in the road works lol. Well worth it will see when I take it back to the mrs in Yorkshire for fuel consumption. Thanks again
Just a quick message to say my Honda accord is absolutely amazing after the remap. Totally different drive all round. Fantastic job. Thanks again Dave
Just wanted to say a big thank you for saving my bacon. I thank god that he is not only an experienced mapper but also an expert in diagnosing issues with ECU’s.
I got greedy trying to get more allowable power for my E60 530d. I should never have gone to another remapper, an idiot who completely messed up my car to a point it wouldn’t start due to a corrupt file he uploaded on car. After calling Dave, who arrived within minutes, he finally finally got the car started with an original file. I found even with the original file uploaded, there was no boost on the car and it drove like a 1ltr fiesta. After all diagnosis with several garages, no one could figure out the problem. I even went to BMW the stealers who took another £300 off me and couldn’t give me a definitive answer but said they were 70% sure the problem was ecu related but couldn’t guarantee it would solve the issue and was going to be £960 plus vat for the Ecu, £300 to code it and another £150 for fitment. With that in mind I went back to Dave cause I wasn’t about to spend £1500 with the stealers. I bought another ecu on ebay and Dave cloned the files from my old Ecu to the new one. Apparently there was a error logged on the old ecu and would not delete and was preventing my car from boosting. Also the error would not be on the new ecu once cloned. After using his specialist tools and refitting the ECU, my car is now back to normal after a month of trying to resolve the issue buying MAF, MAP, Air filter, crancase breather etc . What a saving from the stealers. I saved over £1100 with Dave and guess what?I even got a stronger map. the car is now a BEEEAAASSTTT. I had a new S3 try to keep up with me this afternoon and he had no chance. Well happy :)Many thanks Dave!!!! you are the man!!!!
Russell here you remapped my Renault traffic van in Chichester
Green one
I now get approx 15% better fuel or power depending how I drive thank you
I am recommending you to people as well everyone should do this
Just wanna say that how great flash remapping are and Dave is a star that guy knows his stuff and certainly knows how to remap a vehicle I’ve now had all three of my vivaro’s done and it’s made a huge difference not only in fuel but with the torque going up hill with all the tools in to the pull away from the traffic lights I highly recommend that you use flash remapping to remap your vehicle as you certainly won’t be disappointed with the outcome so I would just like to thank Dave for a job well done and if in the near future I change my vivaro’s I certainly will be back to have them remapped many thanks Dave regards Scott